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    KH2FM+ Status question

    I know this probably has been answered before, but whats the highest defence you can get along with the others (Strength, and Magic) So far mine is about 85 for defence, and 70 for strength and 74 for Magic.
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    When I saw that someone made a KHinsider trailer for the sie, that opened me up. I hope you guys like. And I'm going to say this once. The song is called Sanctuary (Clean Mix). I made this, and I hope you guys enjoy it. YouTube - Khinsider Trailer
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    I have Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+

    And I'm just curious to the people who have beaten every single boss in there. What was yoru status when you beat Terra? I'm sorry but I just need to know, because I'm still having trouble even dealing damage to him. I keep facing Saix and getting defence increase, but I need help knowing how...
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    Since Roxas and Axel are like two best friends, could it be possible for Axels true name, be friends with Sora? I mean if Roxas and Axel are best friends, and Sora finally meets Axels real form. Like the person that Created Axel. THats what I'm saying. Sorry if it's confusing.
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    Hiya Guys this is Dacapo, or Jon which ever you perfer. I'm glad I could be part of this awesome site, oh yea!!! I have a lot of energy so I hope I can waste some of it on this forum. lol Don't worry I won't cause any damage. Just fun is all I'm about. So wazzup :)