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    EGM Confirmation

    This is a picture I took with my cellphone today that confirms Kingdom Hearts 2 : Final Mix is coming to America in Fall 2007. It's a bit blurry but it's proof http://img186.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nonameop1.jpg So. Kingdom Hearts 2 : Final Mix coming to North America in Fall 2007 on the...
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    FAQ : Orichalcum and Mythril Crystals

    Regular Orichalcum and Mythril Crystals are two very rare, very usful items in Kingdom Hearts II. Quite a few threads have been made regarding them so I figured I'd make an FAQ for them. Orichalcum -------------- Orichalcum are very rare and can only be found in certain treasure chests...
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    FAQ : Drive Forms

    In Kingdom Hearts II there are 5 Drive Forms which are listed below. 1. Valor Form 2. Wisdom Form 3. Master Form 4. Final Form 5. Anti Form 6. Other Information 7. Battles that increase amount of Drive Gauges...
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    FAQ : Enemy Locations and Item Drops

    Below is a list of all enemies in the game, the location of each enemy and the items they drop if anyone is looking for items to complete their synthesis list. Heartless ------------ Name : Shadow Type : Heartless Location : All Worlds Item : Dark Shard, Bright Shard Name : Soldier Type ...
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    The Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts 2 requires many items to make and can be quite a pain to find them all, that's why I made this guide to help people out and to stop the flow of topics called Ultima Weapon Help or Orichalcum+ Locations. First off to make Ultima you need the Ultimate Recipe...
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    "Official" Orichalcum+ location thread

    In Kingdom Hearts 2 the Ultimate Recipe used to make the Ultima Keyblade is found in the basement of the Mansion in Twilight Town in the pod room before the room Sora was in. The Locations of the ONLY SEVEN Orichalcum+ are... After you clear Atlantica Clear 100 Acre Wood Item Box in The...
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    Axel's Last Stand

    Does anyone know where I can find the video of Axel sacrificing himself for Sora and the dialouge that follows in english?
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    Frost Stone and Dark Stone

    Anyone know what enemies I have to kill to get Frost Stones and Dark Stones? If I get those I'll have all the synthesis items. Any help would be appreciated
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    Missing 2 Synthesis Items

    I'm only 2 items short of completing the list to get the 7th Orichalcum+ but I don't know what they are. The first one has a blue diamond beside it, B rank and is below Blazing Crystal and above Frost Crystal The second one is also B rank and is below Power Crystal and above Dark Crystal I...
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    Drive Form Questions

    I have Valor and Wisdom Form, but I have questions about Master, Final and the Anti forms. Where do I get Master and Final Form? Is Anti Form random or is there a way to get it when you want, cause I got it once so far and it owns. What is the best way to level up Drive Forms? Using them...
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    Picture request.

    I need pictures of all 13 members of the order, any help with this would be greatly appreciated since I can't seem the load the Japanese Kingdom Hearts 2 Website
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    Diz pictures

    For the people who have beat the game, I need some non spoiler pictures of Diz from all angles, if possible one from the back so I can see what the back of his costume looks like and close ups of him from any angle for my Diz costume
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    DiZ pictures

    I wasn't really too sure where to post this, but I'm having a hard time finding pictures of DiZ. Any help would be appreciated.