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  1. J

    Disney Princess's

    Ok, i havet been on in several months. SO i am kinda low on what has happened on the forums. So if this has already been shown then can someone gladly Close this thread. Anyway, everyone has wondered "i think at least" who the 6th and 7th Disney Princess could be in Kingdom Hearts BBS...
  2. J

    FInal Fantesy Characters in Kingdm hearts

    Me and My "friend" are fighting about who likes them better. SO i was just wondering. Should they be in Future KH games? I don't mind a few of them, but they just went over board. ________________ Jack32307
  3. J

    No Kingdom Hearts 3

    Well, a lot of people have been theorizing about when, and if Kingdom Hearts 3 is Going to ever be released. A lot of people think Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the last game, and then some side stories to tie in loose ends. Well, what if Kingdom hearts 2 was the final game? Remember the final...
  4. J

    Ansem, "xehanorts heartless" artificial

    From this picture that i will be showing, there is a Heartless emblem on ANSEMS CHEST. And from what we know, the heartless with emblems are artificial, and the ones without are pure. So my question is, is ansem a artificial heartless? Xehanorts heartless Pure Heartless So...
  5. J

    Bbs, and 358/2 Pictures and Info

    sorry if this has already been posted Hello, Everyone. This is Jack and i have some stuff to show. "small stuff, nothing big" Ok, i have gotten a picture of the opening of kingdom hearts: 358/2 Days. It shows the top and bottom screen of the new game. _________ Here is the Realese Dates...
  6. J

    Valor, wisdom, master form.

    I dont know if someone had discussed this before, but have you guys notcied that in the Mulon World, that The 3 Guys that errr, i guess helped mulon in the movie have the same color as the forms. The fat dude has blue "Wisodm" the scroney dude has red "valor" and the skinny dude has yellow...
  7. J

    Sora's and RIku's Parents

    Ok, i have been wondering this for a long time, i meen really long time, i meen since 2004 the realese of kingdom Hearts 1.... Edit: Damn i ddint know it was 2002, thats way off from KH2 lol Who knows, it might pop up in the future that Riku and sora are siblings, but to the point. Well...
  8. J

    Nobody, Hearless

    I've wondered this for quite awhile now, A Heartless has a heart but no body. Yes it says Heart"less" A Nobody has a Body, but no heart. Yet it says no"body". So, is it just me, or is everything backwords? Or did Nomura just, how you say, mental? "i dont want to say crazy, because i love his...
  9. J

    Stolen Accs....

    err...i noticed alot of acc's bieng stolen....>.>....and i was wonder....why would someone steal a KHI acc? Its not that big of a deal, but i was just wondering for my sanity....
  10. J

    Decks in BBS ruin game?

    Will Decks Ruin BBs? i really liked the old games like KH or KH2. When i played CoM it was fun, but the decks kinda ruined it for me. So, i just wanted to know everyone's opinion on this.
  11. J

    Secret About xehanort's Identity

    I know the Theory of Terra bieng Xehanort has been around forever, but has any ever had proof? well, i have BUNCH of facts that could end up helping with alot of people. As we all know, Xehanort was the apprentice of Ansem The Wise. But, what a lot of people might have forgot, is that Ansem...