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  1. Oracle Spockanort

    Love to the Osaka staff

    I just want to make a completely random and highly unmotivated by anything statement that the Osaka staff are wonderful and talented and deserve more praise than they get. Thank you to Tai Yasue and all of the development staff for putting in so much time and effort and mental energy into...
  2. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III Vol.2 New Seven Hearts releasing July 25th

    <p><a href="https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4757562314">Amazon Japan</a> has updated their store with a listing for 'KINGDOM HEARTS III Vol.2 New Seven Hearts', the next installment of the popular game's novel adaptation. Written by Tomoco Kanemaki and illustrated by Shiro Amano, the novel continues...
  3. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Prologue by Shiro Amano available in English from Yen Press

    <p>Yen Press has begun digitally publishing the&nbsp;<em>KINGDOM HEARTS 3</em> manga by Shiro Amano in English, not long after the manga was first announced to be coming to Square Enix's GanGan ONLINE publication <a...
  4. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KH3 Aqua, Axel, Kairi, and Sora with Shield Funko POPs coming later this year

    <p><a href="https://twitter.com/FunkoPOPsNews/status/1133962055550218240">Funko POP News has shared on their Twitter</a> that a series of new Funko POP! figures will be releasing later this year from <em>Kingdom Hearts 3</em>, including Aqua, Axel, Kairi with hood, and Sora with shield. The...
  5. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► Kingdom Hearts villains Xemnas & Ansem arrive in LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Global ver.

    <p><a href="https://twitter.com/LINE_tsumtsum_g/status/1126743673734090752">Xemnas and Ansem have arrived</a> in the Global version of LINE Disney Tsum Tsum&nbsp;and can be obtained until&nbsp;<strong>May 30th</strong>, with a Lucky Time chance of obtaining them in the Premium Box lasting...
  6. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KH3 Sora & Org. XIII Coat Mickey arrive in LINE Disney Tsum Tsum global ver.

    <p><span>Four months after the successful launch of <em>Kingdom Hearts 3</em>,&nbsp;</span><a href="https://twitter.com/line_tsumtsum_g/status/1125294126906396672?s=21">a series of new&nbsp;<em>Kingdom Hearts 3</em>&nbsp;characters<span>&nbsp;</span>have arrived in the Global version of LINE...
  7. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► Funko reveals E3 2019 exclusive Sora Lion Form POP figure & Donald PEZ dispenser

    <p><a href="https://www.funko.com/blog/article/e3-2019-exclusives">In collaboration with GameStop</a>, <a href="https://twitter.com/OriginalFunko/status/1123980759562432512/photo/3">Funko has announced</a> a series of exlcusive POP figures and PEZ packs that will be available for sale at E3...
  8. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► Four new Hot Topic-exclusive Kingdom Hearts 3 Funko Tees releasing soon

    <p>Funko apparently has plans to release four new <em>Kingdom Hearts 3</em> t-shirts that will be exclusive to Hot Topic, as reported by <a href="https://twitter.com/FunkoPOPsNews/status/1123678802826207233">Funko POP News!</a>&nbsp;on their Twitter account. Links to where fans can purchase the...
  9. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 manga prologue available to read for free

    <p>For fans who are excited to see the <a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/Kingdom-Hearts-3-manga-to-begin-serialization-on-April-29th-15172">manga adaption of <em>KINGDOM HEARTS 3</em> by Shiro Amano</a>, you can now read the prologue chapter for free on the official website for <a...
  10. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Bring Arts Mickey figure releasing September 2019

    <p><a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/New-Kingdom-Hearts-III-Bring-Arts-shown-off-at-New-York-Toy-Fair-14668">During New York Toy Fair 2019 back in February</a>,&nbsp;<a...
  11. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 manga to begin serialization on April 29th

    <p><a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Manga-by-Shiro-Amano-in-the-Works-14771">Last month</a>, it was confirmed that a <em>KINGDOM HEARTS 3</em> manga adaptation by Shiro Amano is currently in the works by manga artist Shiro Amano. The manga, which was originally...
  12. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 remains best-selling game of 2019, best-selling game of franchise

    <p><em>KINGDOM HEARTS III</em> continues to hold its spot as the best-selling game of 2019 across all consoles for a third consecutive month as reported by the NPD Group's March 2019 report via analyst <a href="https://twitter.com/MatPiscatella/status/1120811123006033921">Mat Piscatella</a>...
  13. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KH3 Critical Mode adds various QOL updates including save carry over, more photo slots

    <p><a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/Critical-Mode-will-be-arriving-tomorrow-15152">Yesterday</a>, Square Enix announced that Critical Mode will be arriving in <em>Kingdom Hearts 3</em>&nbsp;as a free update for owners of the game. <a...
  14. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra - World of Tres - merchandise revealed

    <p><a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/KINGDOM-HEARTS-Orchestra-World-of-Tres-coming-2019-14539">Starting April 27th,&nbsp;<em>KINGDOM HEARTS</em> Orchestra - World of Tres - begins is grand tour</a> to 17 different cities around the world to celebrate the successful launch of <em>KINGDOM...
  15. Oracle Spockanort

    KHInsider Tweets | all we do is meme

    KHInsider Tweets If you haven't already noticed, we've added a widget to the side of the forum which shows tweets from our Twitter account. We sometimes retweet and share information that we don't post in news articles or on the forums, so we highly recommend you keep an eye on our Twitter...
  16. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► Gamereactor interviews Yasue on KH3's Critical Mode, process of integrating Disney into series

    <p>Lisa Dahlgren from <a href="https://www.gamereactor.eu/grtv/434913/Kingdom+Hearts+III+-+Tai+Yasue+Interview/">Gamereactor</a>&nbsp;had the chance to sit down with KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Co-Director Tai Yasue at GDC 2019 to discuss the development of KH3, including the process of creating the...
  17. Oracle Spockanort

    The Curious Case of Yen Sid, the guy whose name spelled backwards is

    Does anybody ever think about how Yen Sid finally does something but then is promptly forgotten by the story until the ending? Did Yen Sid just dip out after he defeated the Heartless like "yea, they good"? He's like Maleficent and Pete during the events of TWTNW in KH2.
  18. Oracle Spockanort

    Can we just talk about how awful the Cherry Flan is

    That’s it. That’s the topic. I’ve done everything else I need to do to get the Orichalcum+ and all that is between me and Ultima is this mini-game.
  19. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]: The Novel coming October 2019

    <p><a href="https://yenpress.com/9781975358617/kingdom-hearts-3d-light-novel/#book-description-full">Yen Press plans to release</a>&nbsp;<em>Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]: The Novel</em>&nbsp;by Tomoco Kanemaki on October 29th, 2019!</p> <p>Written by Tomoco Kanemaki and illustrated...
  20. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KH3 Bring Arts Axel, Kairi, and Pirates Sora figures coming Summer/Fall 2019

    <p>Back in February during the <a href="https://www.khinsider.com/news/New-Kingdom-Hearts-III-Bring-Arts-shown-off-at-New-York-Toy-Fair-14668">New York Toy Fair</a>, Square Enix showed off their latest Kingdom Hearts 3 Bring Arts figures coming out later on this year. Fans can now pre-order...