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  1. Hamster Lord

    12 years

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Hello everyone. I logged in here about a week ago and realized it's been 12 years since I joined this site. I hope all of my friends here and everybody else have stayed as safe as they can during the pandemic! I'd like to start posting again from time to...
  2. Hamster Lord

    Bus Driver Justice pt. 2

    Video: Bus Drivers Are At It Again: Woman From Baltimore Goes Ham On Somebody's 16-Year-Old Daughter For Not Lowering Music Down! kinda wish I was there, this is pretty local for me, oh well.
  3. Hamster Lord

    need help finding a program

    I need a free program that can transfer music from an iPod to a new computer that doesn't cost anything. If you guys know about anything and could tell me that'd be great.
  4. Hamster Lord

    Boycott Atlus

    Boycott Atlus Why haven't you boycotted Atlus yet KHi? You misogynistic pigs!!!
  5. Hamster Lord

    some haiku

    for reading class we started our poetry unit and we had to make three haikus. i made four because the teacher didn't accept the one but here they are: Time paradoxes Ruining all history Nature now destroyed Meadows stretching far Teaming with life and beauty I could stay forever Seeds flowing...
  6. Hamster Lord


    is mad.
  7. Hamster Lord

    so this bill passed

  8. Hamster Lord

    halloween stories... share 'em

    welp today I wore my creeper helmet and walked up to a very big guy. he said he knew what I was but that he had never played Minecraft. he then went onto say, "RuneScape for life." i lol'd
  9. Hamster Lord

    Take This Lollipop

    Take This Lollipop click the lollipop and I'm not going to spoil anything else.
  10. Hamster Lord

    Why a slinky's bottom half stays in the air until the top half hits it:

    Slinky Drop Answer - YouTube just thought I'd share this
  11. Hamster Lord

    is it okay to hate a certain race?

    I don't mind doing a 5k, but my running group is thinking of joining a 10k and I really don't like them.
  12. Hamster Lord

    An interview with KHi's notorious badass, Chihuahuaman.

    I don't know how to do the quote box or whatever, so if a mod wants to go ahead and add that in, that's fine. Here's the interview: I'm in interviewing you for the KHi interviews. First question: Hi. Hi yourself. Thank you for choosing me. Oh no problem dude. Next question. Why did you...
  13. Hamster Lord

    unsure what to do.

    Okay, well my parents are making me do confirmation when I don't want to. I don't believe in God, and what they don't seem to understand is that the sacrament is confirming your faith, which I don't have. I'm in 8th grade, and quite frankly I really want to enjoy this year; going to Church every...
  14. Hamster Lord

    it's been a good few years since i've had one of these... truly i am the hamster lord

    and no, im not sniffing Simon's butt, this was the best of the shoot i did with him, and it reminds me of a dexter promo image.
  15. Hamster Lord

    Your Grammar Sucks

  16. Hamster Lord

    Interactive Triangulation

  17. Hamster Lord

    Need help finding a small, SDTV

    Okay, well my PS2 looks shit on my brother's big TV, and I figured when I could get some cash together, I would buy a 16 inch SDTV that's flat for my desk for the PS2. Does one exist? I can see the price being like $150.
  18. Hamster Lord

    Anonymous is taking down Facebook.

    Message from Anonymous: Operation Facebook, Nov 5 2011 - YouTube I can see them taking it down for a few weeks but I don't see them doing anything really "colossal" to facebook
  19. Hamster Lord

    Kingdom Hearts: The Stupid Files

    So I was watching a video about old YouTube, and then I thought, "Why don't I look up the old Stupid Files for some lulz?" And you know what? After five years, I still laugh uncontrollably at them. So, KHi, I now present you with... THE STUPID FILES! Dailymotion - Kingdom Hearts The Stupid...