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    Action Replay MAX-- what KHII codes???

    im thinking of getting it , but im not sure, what Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II codes are there??? if there is anyone who can list all of them, i'd greatly appreciate it!
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    2 Ultima Weapons???

    i have this friend and he said that he had heard that in proud mode there is a way to synthesize a second ultima weapon, like the way you can with Save The Queen & Save the King im not sure if this is fake or this is actally possible...does anyone know???
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    Have You Ever...?

    has anyone ever accidently saved over a perfect file of a game??? if so how did you feel? i did it really sucked, because i had it 100% completed and it took me like 89 hours
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    RPG Store

    i was just wondering if anyone knew why the RPG Store doesnt have anything in it. will anyone ever fix it?
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    free gil!

    would anyone be a pal and donate me some GIL???
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    newb called Xajek, reporting for duty!

    hi all! my name is Xajek so what all is there to do around here?