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    Back in Black

    hey all I figured I would start posting a bit. I know a lot of you prolly dont remember me but I used to be a constant poster here
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    Meeting Girls

    Ok I figure I will post here because it is as good as any place to get advice. Well I am in college right now and I still havent had a single real girlfriend which annoys me. I figure my problem is that I never meet any new girls partially because of my major (computer science and engineering...
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    Scariest moment EVER

    well at least for a computer nerd.... Well I was listening to music and trying to compress some files into a zip file. All of the sudden the music stops and I get a weird error message and the screen went black. When it returned all of the widows involving my E-drive (my spare hard drive) were...
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    PSXE Emulator

    hey I downloaded a PSXE emulator and I tried to play a game with it and the frame rate for it is so fast. The cutscenes go by in a few seconds. Anyone know how to fix it??
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    Secret Ending prequel to KH?

    OK here me out. Everyone has been talking about the three knights and such and I want to focus on the ending with mickey's cameo. What if the secret ending was what caused mickey to disappear in the first place. If everyone remembers mickey appeared in the realm of darkness at the end of KH. We...
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    ok this may sound stupid to some people but I just realized something. In the beginning in the Tower in Twilight town when you get your clothes there are a bunch of mirrors around you I believe it is 5 and I just realized they represent the forms one says you see yourself consumed by...
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    Weird theory about keyblades.

    ok I was thinking about those keyblades that dont have key chains and some people were saying that they were not "real" keyblades but what I was thinking what if once you real a certain level of power and proficiency with you keyblade no longer needs a key chain and is more powerful without one...
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    Billy Joel

    Ok am I the only one who still believe Billy Joel is an amazing artist. After quite a while I still love his songs and now instead of listening to his tapes I am playing him on my ipod lol
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    Heaven, Hell and Everything in Between (Rated R)

    Ok this is a work in progress but here are the first chapters Chapter 1 “The End” The last thing I remember was a car coming at me upside down. There was a sound of screeching metal and then things got dark and cold. Darkness surrounded me and I felt that it was going to consume me. A...
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    Your favorite operating system

    Yea your heard me what is you favorite operating system for your computer? Personally I like XP Professional it has its flaws but it is solid
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    Remote Desktoping

    HeY I was wondering if anyone could tell me how you would go about remote desktoping my computer. I would be very appreciative
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    Christian Preachers

    Ok I thought I would share with all of you a little story that is in the newspaper at my college. In the middle of one of the busiest place at my school some texas teenages came to preach about God which at my school is nothing new because we have that happen all the time. This time it got...
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    The Golden Compass

    I just saw on IMDB that the hit book the Golden Spyglass has been made into a movie that is going to be coming out this year. I read this book a long time ago when it first came out but I barely remember the plot so I am gonna read it again to become more familiar. I remember loving the book so...
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    Hey how many people plan on getting windows vista? I think I might wait a while and see how it turns out and let them work out the bugs but I will eventually upgrade. How about all of you
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    Hey I am starting to take a course on the object oriented design portion of Java and I was wondering what you all think of Java as a programming language
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    Ok some of you may not consider comic books to be books but I want to talk about a specific series in the Batman universe that I think is my favorite: Knightfall. some of you may know about it but here is a brief idea of what it is: Bane breaks batman's (Bruce Wayne) back in a fight and thus...
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    Donald Trump VS Rosie O'Donnell

    Ok most of you have heard this story http://torontosun.com/Entertainment/Columnists/Brioux_Bill/2006/12/22/2931572.html so I wanted your opinions on the battle between them: Personally I think they are both retarded and take themselves wayy too seriously for god sakes a he is gonna sue her...
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    Laptop or no laptop??

    ok so some of you know that I am a Computer Science and engineering major and since I am there is a lot of homework and projects that need to me done on the computer. So my newest Idea was to save up some money and buy a laptop for me to bring to the library or around so I am not confined to my...
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    The Swordsman

    Chapter 1 “Released” As I woke up from my restless sleep my backed ached from the abuse that sleeping on a cement brick with a sheet on it gives you. I stared at the ceiling and thought to myself on how this was going to be my home for the rest of my life. Solitary confinement, one of the...
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    Mozilla 2

    Hey I am just letting everyone that uses mozilla as a browser that there is a new version out and it is awesome one feature I especially like is the built in spell check so if you have mozilla right now the new version is even better discuss it here