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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Bring Arts Terra, Sora and Riku Version 2 unveiled!

    Meanwhile, still waiting on the backlog of Bring Arts figures that still haven't been released due to frequent Covid delays (Looking at you Xion and Roxas)...
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    A year later and I feel more at peace with KH3

    My love of KH3 has stayed high and more or less the same since release. It also probably helps that I feel I'm pretty good at suspending disbelief as well as staying relatively unaffected by criticisms of other fans who may not have had an enjoyable experience with the end of this part of the...
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    Have preorders for KH Bring Arts figures been processed yet?

    Just paranoid about orders getting messed up and having my preorders from a few months ago lost. Don't want to have to pay inflated prices on Ebay or Amazon should that happen & they sell out. Reason I ask is because my bank hasn't been charged yet and at least two of the figures have been...