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    KH 20 years anniversary is in 2022

    I really hope its not a remake of KH1. Don't start remaking the games, aunless you plan on remaking all of them. Otherwise, the fans are confused and angry that their favourite title won't get the same treatment (I'm looking at you, Ratchet and Clank). With how popular KH3 was, the series is...
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    The Foretellers And the Seven Deadly Sins They Represent

    I brought proof: Here you can see that Anna loves Eristoff. Here, you can see how lovingly Anna looks at Snowdude. Dude should be thankful that hot look didn't melt him down. And lastly, you see here that Anna is, in fact, in love with Donald. You might argue that she is just hungry and...
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    The Foretellers And the Seven Deadly Sins They Represent

    Come on, Anna looks at everyone like that. Also she looks at Sora only in one of your pictures. Sora is not even there for the rest, you just assume what Anna thinks. If your pictures are enough proof that she is in love with Sora, than I have proof that she is in love with Goofy. What do you...
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    Screenshots From KH3 And KH3: RE MIND That Prove, Beyond Doubt, That Kairi And the Princesses of Heart Possess Darkness

    The Princesses of Hearts ARE pure light, that is one of the most straightforward facts in the series. And Kairi is still one of them. If anything, this proves that light doesn't equal good, and beings of pure light can feel anger too. Which was also showed with Ven in BBS.
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    The Foretellers And the Seven Deadly Sins They Represent

    I'm sorry, what? How, why, what on Earth? You arrived to the conclusion that Anna is in love with Sora based on a total of 2 minutes of cutscenes taken mostly from the movie, and somehow this supposed to prove that Fullmetal Alchemist and Kingdom Hearts are connected? Also, please don't treat...
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    The Foretellers And the Seven Deadly Sins They Represent

    Well, there are some nice connections to christian mythology in the series, take for example the kingdom keys, they are pretty much the papal "keys of the kingdom of heaven". And Square likes to play around with Kabbalah, as seen in Xenogears. What I don't yet fully comprehend is the connection...
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    The Foretellers And the Seven Deadly Sins They Represent

    Whoa, whoa, slow down. Please explain your terminology and theory better, because right now its hard to follow. I guess you want to connect the X storyline to gnosticism and ancient judaism? Ira is wrath, Gula is gluttony, Aced is sloth, Invi is envy, Ava is greed, Luxu is lust, and following...
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    Thoughts of genre shifts in KH?

    I almost forgot about the most important aspects of KH that deserve their own games: Space Hearts: A polished full version of the KH3 gummiship gameplay. Can also happen anytime where Sora and co. use the gummiship. They are sucked into a black hole or something and end up in part of the Ocean...
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    Thoughts of genre shifts in KH?

    Kingdom Hearts Tactics: You go to different worlds, have a set of heroes always ready for squad making, and locally used Disney heroes for every world. You are against different squads of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed. It works better as non-canon, but I'm sure Nomura could make/force a canon...
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    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | fav Sora ship that doesn't involve Riku or Kairi

    I ship: I'm weirded out by: Sora x Riku, Axel x Roxas, Ventus x Aqua I'm neutral on: Everything else. The series doesn't really need romantic relationships, it needs better presented friendships. I want to see more interactions between: Aqua and Riku, Riku and Terra, Roxas and Ventus, Roxas...
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    Are Lea and Isa a canon couple

    I heard about Owl House, but still, a Disney channel show is not the same category as KH. All the representation we will see in big budget movies (and I think KH is closer to this category) are a gay background couple at best, animated in a way for Russia and the Middle East to easily edit out...
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    Are Lea and Isa a canon couple

    To answer the question: no, Lea x Isa is not canon. These are the tier lists for the KH couples: CANON None (though Sora x Kairi is debatable) PROBABLE None (though Aqua x Terra is debatable) POSSIBLE Almost anything is possible in KH. IMPOSSIBLE Any of the LGBT couples. I mean, come on...
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    News ► Otocoto reveals history of how Kingdom Hearts got approved by Eisner

    Jesus, so basically Eisner didn't even approve it, people just assumed! Maybe the guy fell asleep in the middle of the presentation, and just said the most neutral thing you can say in this situation when he woke up to cover up. This is part of the Miracle of Kingdom Hearts. From the way it...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    Yeah, my basic idea is the "No Heart X is the nobody of Player X, regrowing a dark heart due to some influence and Yozora is the heart in another body", the other stuff I'm not so sure about. It can only work if the nobody is influenced by another heart (that way Xehanort can look different from...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    One more thing. Since Xehanort IS X's Player character in a way, it makes sense that Dark Road is a part of UX (the logo says Union X Dark Road): since you control Xehanort in Dark Road, you are technically still controlling Player from UX. Makes sense that now that UX's main story ends, you...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road launches on June 22nd!

    OK guys, I cracked the code. Here is how everything connects: What is Xehanort the anagram of? No Heart X. I bet that 'X' is not a usual X, but our favourite greek letter, chi. No Heart Chi. Which meaaaans, he is the Nobody of Player from X (chi). Let's step back a little. We know that Player...
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    Who is Yozora???

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    The Master of Master's True Identity *SPOILERS*

    Hmm, I always understood the Foretellers' names as ironic names, because the corresponding heavenly virtues are more in tune with them. Aced - diligence: his diligent behaviour led to conflict. If he was lazier and didn't try to solve everything immediately, things would have turned out better...
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    Was There A Reason For Mickey/Riku Doing This?

    I guess the material isn't that much a secret, since the Organizations had them as well. I doubt they just found the MoM's secret stash of coats, they had to make their own. (The question is, who was the Organizations' seamstress? Vexen?) An easy solutions to a lot of questions is that Yen Sid...
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    The Land of Stories

    So, Disney is the opposite of classic fairy tales? That doesn't make much sense, since most of the Disney stories are based on classic fairy tales. Opposite of those would be something like Marvel, or well known but modern tales. Good thing we both agree on on me staying away, but I don't think...