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  1. Cumguardian69

    Spoilers ► Remind Spoilers...How did Sora "act" as Roxas, and travel his own heart?

    hey guys, I'm actually stumped on something. In Remind, Sora says that he traveled TVASR hearts to find Kairi, then he travels MX portal and Mickey/Riku to then reassemble Kairi. Only problem I have is I don't understand how Sora acts against Xemnas and Saix. In it, Sora talks to Roxas saying...
  2. Cumguardian69

    So...how often should we expect new medals/attacks to release?

    I realize DR has only been out for like...4 days? But I'm starting to get impatient. I completed SP board, Beginner Mission board, and still don't have Blade of Seven due to insanely low draw rate (and no tickets). I'm curious to know how often new medals/attacks release. I know with corona...
  3. Cumguardian69

    Could further paid DLCs be possible for "Kingdom Hearts 3"?

    Something hit me when rewatching the MoM intro trailer. You see, the base game is reused PS2 and chibi assets? While the UE4 stuff uses the same models from KH3 (I haven't noticed any graphical downgrades). Something else, ReMIND, Limit Cut, and Secret Episodes are all accesses seperately from...