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    does anyone like 50cent here?
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    Full Metal Alchemist?

    does any one like fullmetal alchemist?
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    did anyone like Robots?It's soo funny
  4. K


    have ya'll ever heard of usher?all those girls out there do you think he is HOT if you have heard of him?I think he is a 8/10 in his music and a 10/10 in HOTNESS!
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    who is kooler?Green Day or Good Charlotte?
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    hey sup!

    does any one like American Idiot from Green Day?
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    do you know any one who can make a sig for me besides saratp?
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    will you be my friend? :p
  9. K


    will you be my friend? :)
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    riku or sora

    who is cuttier sora or riku?
  11. K

    Leon or Sora

    who is cooler Leon or Sora
  12. K

    leon & yuffie

    magenta are leon & yuffie more then friends or not