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    Beginning of the game

    Love the idea, doubt it will be true though.
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    My Theories

    It would be really interesting to see Vanitas as Axel, and maybe he wanted to make up for what he did as a nobody for what he did as a somebody(playing around with Ven). and i think i read some where (could be wrong) that Vanitas wasn't his real name or something of that sort.
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    Yellow Eyes

    whenever i see Terra's yellow eyes, it looks like her is about to fight an intense battle, so maybe he is using his dark powers to aid him. =D
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    Awakening, Ven

    Well i think Terra and Aqua have already awoken, and when Ven was about to when someone did something to his heart (like Terra >D but feels bad for what he did later on), or he did it to himself. and Vens awakening might happen near the begging/middle =3
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    I just beat 358/2 Days

    Looved it so much~! finished it the second day after it came out <33