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  1. Miasthma

    The MTE

    Lately I've noticed a distinct lack of KH lore theories. In the spirit of discussion and conjecture, here's a thread for the sole purpose of posting your theory or theories. It doesn't matter how wild and off the walls or in-depth and mind blowing it is, share it in the Miniature Theories...
  2. Miasthma

    What's your greatest recent accomplishment on NA Unchained X?

    Thought I'd just ask the question as a whole thread since I am super excited from recently leveling to 200 and getting 1 million lux this week (so far) from the Queen Bee raid boss event. What in the game has made you super excited this past week for some reason or no apparent reason at all?
  3. Miasthma

    Question on Roleplaying

    So I started to look at other sections of the site for the first time outside of the discussion forums for the games, and I found the roleplaying section. Also go ahead and move this thread if it's in the wrong place. Anyways, I was wondering if that part of the site is mostly dying (I don't...
  4. Miasthma

    Levels and Exp

    Forgive me if this is already covered in a bagillion other threads, but I have a question about levels. Do they actually matter? The way I understand it only medals and avatar board stat boosts matter for Attack power and Defense. But then I see the "total power" as so much higher than what...