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    Thoughts of genre shifts in KH?

    With Melody of Memory coming out, we'll soon be getting the first full-blown rhythm game in the KH series, one that will actually directly advance the canon story. Of course, we've had rhythm sections in games before (the mind drifts to BBS mini game, the nauseating Atlantica in KH2), but this...
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    Kingdom Hearts Dream Matches

    I mean for KH it'd be interesting for sure. I agree most of the jokes fall flat, especially in KH3. But like then again, for the games that still mainly use Disney worlds, it's not really feasible. Now, for games like A Fragmentary Passage, where there were no actual Disney characters or related...
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    Kingdom Hearts Dream Matches

    I think the idea of KH slowly becoming darker and darker as the story goes along in hilarious. Imagine that eventually we end up with Kindgom Hearts. Rated M for Mature
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    Sora is the MOM? Theory (KH3RM/UXDR Spoilers) Please share your thoughts...

    *slow clap* lol Anyway, going off the mirror thing, I'm not sure if I like that idea for the MoM. I like the concept of an idea for a different character, like a mediator type between light and dark. A gray jedi, eastern philosophy of balance type character, cause in a metaphorical sense, I...
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    News ► Madison Davenport (Nameless Star) recently recorded voice over for an unspecified project

    I think that because of how crazy KH as a story can be, where connections are drawn places that people hardly suspected and where one line can dictate a whole character's backstory, this leads people on to speculate so much with so many different theories. Like the Corpse Theory could easily...
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    Newcomer, little introduction

    Yeah, of course, and it made a wholeeeeee lot more sense after understanding what was going on. Also there was an actual appreciation for the KH characters and the stories, especially in World That Never Was, which made the game a whole lot more interesting than just 'oooh, Dinsey worlds.' I...
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    Why is Scala ad Caelum abandoned?

    Imma push this to the limit so give me a sec. Is hunting and defeating heartless a source of income? Is it hourly based or commission based? Are there desk jobs? Financial advisers? Bankers? Insurance agents? Is there life insurance, or heart insurance? How many identity scams are there? "Hey...
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    Kingdom Hearts Dream Matches

    Not sure how it'd fit into a storyline but Riku vs Anit-form Sora It'd kinda be like darkness vs darkness which would look soooo cool in a fight, but then also the whole emotional side of Riku always looking at Sora as the goofy light-hearted kid, and him having to fight this manifestation of...
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    Can Aqua as of now be able to Access Her Anti-Form freely like Sora?

    Yeah I agree. The dark destruction ball of darkness thing was more of pushing her, whereas her sinking was like her falling into the abyss of darkness It be interesting to see Aqua's anti-form as like a plot point, where a remnant of her time enveloped in darkness is reawakened and she has to...
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    KH Shower Thoughts

    Let's not forget that they are actually also supposed to be going to SCHOOL, seen by Kairi's school uniform. Riku may be a keyblade master, but he probably doesn't know basic algebra, and the laws of physics are probably jokes to all of them. Also, do they have history class in Destiny Islands...
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    Newcomer, little introduction

    So I kind of stumbled onto KH in 2013. The first game I played was DDD, I just saw the Disney characters and was drawn in by that, but ended up getting a whole lot more than what I asked for. I was super super confused playing through DDD (obviously), but instead of just moving on with my life...