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  1. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom Hearths X (Chi) Analysis: The downfall of the Foretellers and the shared blame

    So I guess this deserved a thread within itself? IDK, it's just some cool thoughts, yet again on KHX. So, the gist (to me) of KHXBC is introducing KHX to a larger audience, and make sure everyone is in the loop, and its done very well. It follows the downfall of the Foretellers, five...
  2. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom hearts Chi (X) Theory: The Traitor is already revealed.

    Yo its me again I'm alive So after seeing some more Chi theories, I decided to scan over the film again because damn I love that stuff, and I particularly got interested in the "Invi Covering her mouth" theory, shown here. I don't believe it to be true, but that isn't the point of the thread...
  3. Bionic Puppy

    Kingdom hearts X (chi) theory, the eye. [SPOILERS]

    Hi I'll be surprised if you remember me 'cause I don't. please bear in mind I have played through the entirety of the triple D yet so ignore my incidence. Lets cut straight to the point. The seventh apprentice, Luxu. Tasked with the mission to effectively make the book of prophecies. he must...
  4. Bionic Puppy

    Good Day!

    Hey! I'm Bionic Puppy, a nerd, a bigger nerd, and a goddamn massive nerd I'm Primarily a MASSIVE Kingdom hearts fan (seriously, ginormous) and really good at typo-ing... well... everything... I've been described as being close to the character Sora, which is cool, but also pretty weird :D I...