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    Training Time!

    Lv17 - i Train with Riku... why? because it's FuN!
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    Xehenort is DS

    i also think... rep+... a good thoery. you've taken everything in my head and made it into a theory. i was also thinkin the same thinG.
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    Terra and the power of the Keyblade

    could b... but i doubt it. i don't know man... i think the new enemy are the chaseRs. The keyblade chose sora itself. Mickey went to find the keyblade of darkness. anyways, good theory.
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    Yen Sid

    i think Yen sid's role wilL be kinda like Merlins. i think... but it would be cooL to c him fighT.
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    Heartless & Nobodies

    Heartless: "those without Hearts". it makes sence to me.
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    What would have happened to Sora if?

    The Heart unlockeR keyblade was created from the Hearts of princesses. CraZy!! it makes you wondeR how each keyblade was created.
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    ven/roxas theory.

    My friend let me tell you something... Ven existed way long before roxas was created n before sora was a chosen wieldeR of the keyblade.
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    A little theory about MX, DS and Xehanort

    i think the dark soldieR is XehanorT... yep!
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    My Theory about Terra

    i think Terra is cooL n poweRfulL. what if Xehanort is a keyblade masteR... a key opens doors.
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    What about the princesses??

    yep... could b .
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    why? because... they found out what he is plann to do once he obtains kingdom hearts!!
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    My theory

    what if the dark soldieR is Xehanort?
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    kairis grandmother

    kinda reminds you of sora n friends... what do you think?
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    The DS's name

    what if the dark soldieRs name is Xehanort... what do you think?
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    Aqua Theory

    what if kairi betrays sora and riku. n in real she is helpn Xehanort's heartless find kingdom hearts? what do you think?
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    kairis grandmother

    who are these children... maybe Terra, aqua n ven. what you just said about the worlds spliting n being reformed isn't that whats happnin with sora, riku n kairi. maybe history is repeatin itself. what do you think? are you sure? n how do you know it's in the begining of time? No it...
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    yen sid's secret

    i don't think the keyblade masteR that trained Terra and company has made an appearence yeT! (so most likely NO). i mean... if he was in the previous kh games we would know. at this moment the most powerfulL characteR is Terra. i think the keyblade MasteR that trained Terra wilL make an...
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    Ending of Birth By Sleep

    i also think Birth by sleep wilL have a unhappy ending. kinda sad... i wanted to c Terra, Aqua and Ven togetheR in the End. "We shalL Go TogetheR"
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Re: It's a Wonderful World It's a Wonderful World: cooL!!
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    kairis grandmother

    C'mon man isn't it obivious, Kairi's GrandmotheR was there when the keyblade waR happend. If you remembR birth by sleep takes place 10 years before kingdom hearts. so i think she was there. what do you think? Hadesdragon... i thought you would know. first off what is kairi's grandmothers...