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  1. SS501

    Will Verum Rex be kingdom hearts 4 or will it be something else?

    The back of the Verum Rex box has no mention of Disney at all and says "SQUARE ENIX CO, LTD All rights Reserved. MAIN CHARACTER DESIGNER: TETSUYA NOMURA" Granted it's a fake box art inside a KH world but... For comparison's sake the actual KH back covers say "Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights...
  2. SS501

    Why do people keep saying KH2 is better than KH3?

    Nostalgia and 2FM
  3. SS501

    Putting KH3 into perspective

    Ummm, KH2 didn't use Liminous engine and Luminous engine was created in 2011-2012. KH2 used a custom engine based on C++. SE in the PS2 era were using customized one-off engines. KH2's engine specifically was built from scratch. I am not saying they didn't recycle a lot of work from KH1, this...
  4. SS501

    Theory: If Yozora is Sora, then the two guys Yozora fights with have got to be Donald and Goofy

    My guess is they deleted the cutscene because the names are not finalized, they didn't want to commit. I mean they might still end up being called Magia and Aegis but there is no reason to officially commit to these names so early, they might come up with something more symbolic/meaningful or...
  5. SS501

    Theory: If Yozora is Sora, then the two guys Yozora fights with have got to be Donald and Goofy

    Goofy's Toy Box outfit is pretty much the same color scheme as Aegis. He also has glasses on his hat.
  6. SS501

    Are you pre-ordering Re Mind?

    That's great. Thanks for answering <3
  7. SS501

    Are you pre-ordering Re Mind?

    Anyone know how long pre-order will be available for? Like, can i pre-order anytime i want before Jan 23? Even a day before?
  8. SS501

    How do you think Disney will fit into the next game?

    Yeah here is the interview bit "Nomura: Usually when we think about making a game, we choose from works already available to the public. However for Frozen, when we were selecting the worlds, Disney showed us the preview before it was finished, and we liked it enough to continue the discussion...
  9. SS501

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Detailed and Priced

    Apparently if you pre-order you get a slick black KH3 Theme. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f5/2f/6a/f52f6ab3f50b9f02114c75ebb1ae2e45.jpg Theme has this art but colored.
  10. SS501

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Detailed and Priced

    Probably new cutscenes added that flesh out the story and fill in gaps. I am willing to bet the Terranort vs LW scene we saw in previous trailers is part of the free update, also confident that scenes with Xion will be included in this main story update as Nomura said that he is planning to show...
  11. SS501

    Yozora's relationship with Sora and Riku.

    I see we all keep saying Yozora could be Sora from the future or alternate universe etc but what if he is MoM from the past instead? Maybe the keyblade war MoM was talking about in UX is Verum Rex. He said they didn't exactly have keyblades back then nor were they fighting "heartless" but...
  12. SS501

    ReMind Discussion Thread

    I just realized that the ending after Sora leaves to save Kairi, meaning all the scenes of Riku going to RG/Namine, everyone back together in Destiny islands etc is AFTER Sora has saved Kairi cause we can see Kairi at Destiny islands. Meaning that the ending of main game KH3 is the ending of...
  13. SS501

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    You're probably right but it might have been an early build of the dlc.
  14. SS501

    Yozora is actually important. He really is.

    Imo here is how the chronological order of Yozora events goes. Verum Rex "trailer" - Yozora, Aegis and Magia fight to save notStella, but some kind of gate opens that destroys the entire city (we see this partially at the start of the trailer, the city is slowly getting absorbed in some kind of...
  15. SS501

    Xehanort's changed fate before

    When Terranort said "seeing that you have ALSO taken the forbidden path, you TOO must be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice" i was like... "also? you too? who else did it? is he talking about himself or MoM?" YX knowing that Sora will disappear leads me to believe that the only reason...
  16. SS501

    How do you think Disney will fit into the next game?

    I only hope that they'll go back to using older Disney works that had their teams of creators disbanded cause KH3 proved that trying to cooperate with stuck up teams that had recent successful movies released only results in making Nomura's/Osaka team's life harder. Frozen was one of the first...