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  1. Twilight93

    'Retro Video Game'-inspired Short Film (Live Action Side-Scroller)

    Hey guys, Just finished my newest short film that takes the style of a video game side-scroller and is filled with classic video game references. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you guys think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgkKhGyFiVg
  2. Twilight93

    Imagined Warfare - Short Film

    Hey guys! Please check out this short film my friends and I worked on. A lot of hard work was put into it and I would love to hear your thoughts. If you're a fan of Community, Edgar Wright films, and video games in general, this one's definitely for you...
  3. Twilight93

    "The Gauntlet" - Portal Fan Film Teaser

    Hey guys! A couple of friends and I are working on a short Portal fan film, but with a bit of a twist. We created the prop for it and wanted to give it a little test run to see how it would look with the effects. Check it out and let me know what you guys think (and keep an eye out for the full...
  4. Twilight93

    SWAT Team Arrests Two Men For Playing PS3

    Imagine this: you're playing a shooter on your PS3 with a buddy, your surround sound is blasting, and you're having a jolly good time. Then, over the cacophony of digital warfare, you hear a man on a megaphone shout, "Come out of the building with your hands up!" That's what occurred recently...
  5. Twilight93

    console war faggotry thread (rather, another thread for more of it)

    KHI's 2008 Video Game Awards! With 2008 being nearly over and with almost every single Video Game site giving their annual "Video Game Awards", I thought the community of KHInsider should get in on the fun. It's very simple, I'll post here the main categories and you guys just post which games...
  6. Twilight93

    Your First Video Game

    May it be Pong or Halo 3, we all had our first video game that led us to be the addicted gamers we are today. So why not tell the world, or at least the KHI community, what your first video game was? Mine was a PC game that almost all of you won't know a single thing about. It was called...
  7. Twilight93

    Xion's Background Theory

    It's been awhile since I posted a theory but as I was posting on the Xion's Alive thread (post was edited), I ended up thinking of this theory that actually made some sense IMO. I believe Xion was never an Organization member at all. She doesn't have a Proof of Exsitence and the Organization...
  8. Twilight93

    Final Fantasy XI

    I'm aware that PS2 online games work on PS3, but will FFXI work? I saw the box for the game and it was huge, so does it have something you have to plug in to your PS2? If so, will it work on PS3? And are there any problems with FFXI running on the system, like extra lag or connection problems...
  9. Twilight93

    Sony 1080p HDTV Brightness Help

    I got a Sony 1080p HDTV a few weeks ago and it's awesome, except there's kind of a big problem. You see when PS3 games are played, and this also happens with Halo 3, the TV causes everyone's eyes to tear up, or burn. I believe it to be the brightness level but I lowered it alot along with the...
  10. Twilight93

    Twilight 93 Creations

    Welcome to Twilight93 Creations! If you haven't already guessed, this is the thread where I shall post all my drawings that I deem worthy, which will probably be all of them lol. This was originally just a thread for my Neku pic, but big thanks goes to Monkey for taking the time to edit the...
  11. Twilight93

    PS3, 360, And Wii's Library Of Games Rated

    Nintendo’s latest entrant into the console war has no doubt been the company’s most successful entry since the original Nintendo Entertainment System in the 80s. The Wii has managed to continually sell out in stores since its release in November of 2006. In just a meager year and half, its...
  12. Twilight93

    Happy Birthday Kingdom Hearts II - North American Verison

    Yep, two years ago on March 27, the english verison of Kingdom Hearts II was released. Seemed like forever waiting for its release and here we are, two years since we played this gem. I remember singing this stupid song counting down the days til its release for like weeks and I was so...
  13. Twilight93

    The Spectacular Spider-Man

    For all of you who don't know, The Spectacular Spider-Man is a new animated TV show on Kids WB featuring Peter Parker as a new 11th Grader in highschool. It first aired on March 8 and is on every Saturday at 10 am. I found the show to follow the original story line pretty well, especailly the...
  14. Twilight93

    New KOTOR In The Works! [disproved as false]

    It appears that Bioware is working on a new "sequel" (You never know with the Star Wars franchise, could be a prequel) to the great Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, but not as an MMO: This is a RUMOR, so don't get your hopes up too high. I'm hoping it becomes multi but either way...
  15. Twilight93

    Zune vs Zune 2

    I can't decide between getting the original zune or the zune 2. The first zune is bigger but doesn't come in red. The 2nd generation does but its kinda small and I wanted to upload videos as well and my friend says it hurts your eyes after watching movies on a small screen. So I come here for...
  16. Twilight93

    Broken Highway Level 3 S-rank Help/Gummi Susgestion

    I need help S-ranking the broken highway level 3. I'm using my own ship that I upgraded from I think Highwind 7, and the highest I ever got was a D. I S-ranked everything else with this ship, including some S+3s, and I already tried using one that people have susgested, Falcon Peak upgraded. Can...
  17. Twilight93

    Best Scores In Mini-Games Thread

    Share your best score you ever got in any of the mini-games in KHII and see if you can beat someone elses score! Or maybe even help those who need to reach Jiminy's Objective. Mine: Grandstander: 1,828 hits (I plan to reach 2008 points in order to celebrate the new year :P )
  18. Twilight93

    The "Unexpecting" World

    In the first Kingdom Hearts game, The Nightmare Before Christmas was viewed as the "unexpecting" world that Noruma put in. In the sequel, obviously Pirates of The Carribean and (for me at least) Tron were the unexpecting worlds. What do you guys think about having this type of worlds in the KH...
  19. Twilight93

    Game Help Thread

    Well I always see threads with people asking for help for a specific game and I was just about to post one but instead I decided to make one for every game. Post the game you need help on and what you need. Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction I'm at the final boss and I can't seem to...
  20. Twilight93

    The Xehanort Theory

    I made a theory awhile back but it wasn't all that great, but one part about it kept bugging me the whole time. I might be wrong about this but at least some of you guys can help me straighted this out because I think that I'm really on to something. Ok, the beginning of this theory is probably...