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  1. Roaringflames

    In these lands

    (don't know if this is considered fan fiction or not but here goes, I also need names for a tittle other than "In these lands", Also in first person) Chapter 1: Meeting Crice and learning about myself. I opened my light green eyes and awoke from where I was sleeping, a hospital bed, Damn it. I...
  2. Roaringflames

    Funny FF parody video

    Mark lueng V. S Dancing dark vador here YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  3. Roaringflames

    Would this be good enough...

    Okay here is the main idea, I would love criticism and feed back on this to Ok is this good enough for you all
  4. Roaringflames

    Win 7 deletion

    Im wanting to delete Win 7, why because I ran a virus search and Win7 just makes up fake crap to get my money, please help me delete it
  5. Roaringflames

    Final fantasy dubbed

    http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=1MmG41Tllxo I forgot to pay the giant sex robot
  6. Roaringflames

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    Ventus's ending and Aqua's final and ending episodes there good enough for you, I also have youtube to back me up
  7. Roaringflames

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    Acutally it is not for that reason, it is because he destroyed the X-Blade, which was made of their hearts so... His heart was supposed to go to the ends of the realm of in between, but thanks to Sora, his heart is sleeping in there, his body in castle Oblivion, chamber of Awaking, this is basic...
  8. Roaringflames

    kingdom hearts 3d shocking ending

    What you mean the one thing she's never going to get, she will stay a support character for the rest of the rest of series, which is only up to III sadly, this entire saga was started by Xehanort and killing him will end it, even though they didn't go to every Disney world Onto topic you must...
  9. Roaringflames

    super srs question

    we can't answer these questions, because we don't know them, and your trolling
  10. Roaringflames

    help again -__-

    Alright another problem i have, i can't go to youtube now because it is like someone is hacking into my computer from there and it never did before when i used windows . I'm using Fire fox. Please help me, i want to be able to use youtube every where but this is outrageous
  11. Roaringflames

    why i now hate the internet

    my computer will not show youtube vids anywhere tried flim and youtube code all that comes up is a white box with an red x. I downloaded Adobe Flash player 10 and youtube will not come up here,can anyone help me fix this problem, because i love my youtube vids as themes for my stories and...
  12. Roaringflames

    ~~ Arc rise Fantasia Fanclub~~

    ~~The Arc Rise Fantasia Fan club~~ those who join like the game, played it, and probably know about as well. If you don't you can check out your local library for it and play,beach battle is epic and fun. The plot mainly is get 9 rogress and beat your rival Alfonse. The final battle is over...
  13. Roaringflames

    What love can do

    { this takes place in 2015, the world has not ended and the main character is a boy named Matthew who takes fighting as his pride as he fights the goverment for his girl, named Ragmie. Matthew lives on the streets as a fighter beating up people who annoy him/ try to kill him. His girl found him...
  14. Roaringflames

    Kingdom Hearts- War between light and darkness

    Theme- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x0kRBe5VMU&feature=relmfu Plot- Light and Darkness are locked in combat, trying to destroy the other at the Keyblade graveyard. There is also a rebellion taking place by those who want their own lives back for themselves and don't want to be ruled. Light...
  15. Roaringflames

    ): KH- The Worldly Awesome Adventures of Matthew :(

    (Author's note- What if Vanitias existed before Ventus here is how i would see it, Also flashbacks are in qoutes might update more than some because of lack of ideas) chapter 1- The master Matthew T. Pobocek, a 15 year-old boy who wears a white polo shirt and kacki pants alot. His keyblade is...
  16. Roaringflames

    Looking for fun..

    Just as the tittle says I'm looking for a great keyblade battle and it must be from these three that you can chose Anerith's Crown: a keyblade with a strapped handle with a regular outside to it on the outside are 2 wings and some spikes with crossed line leading up to a metal part of the...
  17. Roaringflames

    Khinsider College "where murder happens every now and then"

    basicly i've turned khinsider into collage for the rich(every single one of you) where murder happens every day chapter 1: the begining of murders "Hmp i've got a big day ahead of me now with my girlfriend and mourning classes with her so.." but the person was inturrpted by his girlfriend...
  18. Roaringflames

    Heartless tournament

    A heartless tournament you get a random number and you have to face of against that person or heartless now to the tournament order you can use any keyblade you want temp name: age: keyblade: finsh:
  19. Roaringflames

    Equlia1: the story of Matthew and Emily

    chapter 1: infiltriting part 1 Equila was a land of peace and hope filled with imaginary creatures and people. This world was made by the thoughts of kids. They thought up different sections for everybody. The bullies calmed 1/4 of the land for themselves making goblins and dragons ihabit the...
  20. Roaringflames

    The War for Equila (something i just thought up) (signups + ooc thread)

    "Equila was a land of Equity untill the elves revolted against our kingdom with technogly and science but all of you are our kingdom's saviors" said the Queen. "Equila is a medievil time while we elfs are advanced to create robots we need you soilder's on the feild ready to act and destroy...