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  1. Apollo


    so ive been readin around and people are sayin kony isnt a problem. but what you guys fail to realize kony is black which automatically makes him a problem. so? im gonna need you guys(mods) to remove any posts that say he isn't.
  2. Apollo

    give mee summmmmmm

    witty sports jokes
  3. Apollo

    Who has the best password?

    It's time to see who has the best password on KHI. Post your password and let's see who has the coolest one out there
  4. Apollo

    A quick fourm survey!

    how do you handle using the f-word in posts
  5. Apollo

    weed and beer are awesome

    fuck yeah they make you feel fucking great and just improve a partayyyyy
  6. Apollo

    Quick Questioin

    I am a little late to the BBS party and I just bought it yesterday. The Kingdom Hearts series as a whole just lost my intrest but I decided to give it another chance. Anyways I am at the point where you choose which character to play as. And I was wondering does the story make more sense if I go...
  7. Apollo


    i love weed!! even though it makes me cough
  8. Apollo

    ~~~Harry Potter Fan Club~~~

    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good Please only join if you love the Harry Potter series with all your heart! Members Apollo Beatly0123 Demyx_Forever Divide&Conquer Strawberry Organization_42 TwilightDusk Blufire The Liberator sassysis10 UsagiOkami Artistry of Schedius aqualight Elorah...
  9. Apollo

    5 Best Presidents in U.S History

    Basically list who you think is the 5 best presidents. Give reasons why you think they are so good.
  10. Apollo

    What is your voice?

    Pretty simple question, what is your singing voice? I'm a high bass(Baritone).
  11. Apollo

    Riku at Hollow Bastion 2nd time

    I'm actually making a help thread for Kingdom Hearts. I picked this game up for the first time in a year, and cannot beat Riku for the 2nd time. Anyways I need some rec. levels, items, equipment, and weapons.
  12. Apollo

    2 Years

    Not that it means anything, but I reached the 2 year mark. It seems like forever when I posted under the name "qwe", and wanted KH3 to be on the Wii. I've had a great time here, and plan to stay active for many more.
  13. Apollo

    ~*~Araliya Fanclub~*~

    Join. She is pretty cool, sweet, and funny!. She is my newest, and coolest friend so I thought I would make one for her! xD She loves the colors Blue, and green! She also loves theater, techno music, many animes, and Kingdom Hearts. Also her avvie is made of pure win so you should all rep her...
  14. Apollo


    Where did get your copy of KHCOM:RE? I am just curious to hear where you got your copies, because I can't seem to locate one anywhere.
  15. Apollo

    PS3 vs 360

    Hey well for x-mas my parents said they are actually going to get me somthing good. They said I can get a PS3 or a 360. I am already leaning towards the 360 just because of what I have heard from friends. Also it seems to have a better libary of games. So which one would you recomend based on...
  16. Apollo


    So I will be drinking in a few years, and I was just curious... What do you think it is the best drink out there? It can be based on the buzz, the taste, price, or anything else.
  17. Apollo

    TV Provider

    What is your TV Provider? How do you like it? My family has Dish Net Work. I think it is ok.
  18. Apollo


    Am I the only person that finds it akward to see a teacher outside of school? I often don't relize who they are until they say hi. At my school they have a dress code(dress shoes, pants, shirt, and coat), so I find it weird to see them in anything else.
  19. Apollo

    SufferingAngel Fan Club

    This is for my buddy SufferingAngel! She likes to post in the KH section. Members: SufferingAngel Me AsYrsGoBy azure.requiem Forever Atlas Keyblader PMF Dexel
  20. Apollo


    I was just wondering do nobodys lower ranked than the Org members have memory?