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  1. yado

    A Lack Luster return

    Hey everyone so it has been about 6 years or so I think since i was on this forum, but upon playing 1.5 i remembered this place and decided to try and become active again here. I'm not really new, but i don't really know anyone here and I am not sure if anyone i used to talk to is...
  2. yado

    D. Gray Man

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this yet. It has become my favorite manga over the last couple months. Has anyone else read/watched this series. Id explain it a bit for anyone interested, but i am unable right now.
  3. yado

    Welcome to Reality

    You find yourself in a ruins you do not reconize. The moisture on the stones walls that surrond you from all sides but in front and behind you give the place a strange chill. A dim light surronds you but you cannot see far. You want to shout to see if anyone is there, you want to move, to look...
  4. yado

    training fight ((me versus Darkdiciple))

    ALright, I'm new so DD is giving me a practice run. Area where we fight: anceient colloseum Rules! the forum section rules NEED to be followed and keep swearing to a minimum. And keep powerplaying to a minimum. Template! Name : Age : Gender : Personality : Appearance : Biography : Theme Song...
  5. yado

    Final Fantasy X: Reserection

    Long ago, a war raged between the citys of Zanarkand and Bevelle. Both sides used Machines, or machina, to destroy each other. Each worked day and night, making more pwoerful machina, untill it was beleived they could destroy the world, that is when sin came. Sin was a creautre that was created...
  6. yado

    The SUPER NES fanclub

    Thats the, the system that brought gamers so many grand memorys, now has its own fanclub. Wanna talk about the games, do it here. Wanna talk about the systems amazing graphics, do it here. Just wanna show some love to the system by joining the fanclub, do it here.
  7. yado

    Forgotten world

    Heros, they are things of lengends, they risked their lives to do something extrodanary to the world. People have always loved heros and wanted to be them, but if you are given the chance to be a hero, would you? This question is about to be answered. when you are living your normal life, one of...
  8. yado

    !!!!!!The Yado fanclub!!!!!!

    Thats right, the amazing Yado has his own fanclub. So, who are my fans?
  9. yado

    Final Fantasy X:Dawn of Sin

    Its been 200 years since high summoner Yuna defeated Sin and brought to us the eternal calm. But as Spira is about to learn, this "eternal" calm, is about to end. A new sin has arisen and is causing destruction. The faiths that summoners used years ago have returned in their old locations...
  10. yado

    Life after Death

    For thousands of years. Our world has been a world of Science and technology. Magic is a term that was only used in fantasy storys. This is about to change. A man refered to as Sorrow has appeared and is using what once was beleived never to have exsisted, Magic. He has powers beyond anyones...
  11. yado

    The Wakka Fanclub

    Almost every other charcter has a fan club. so Wakka deserves one. anyone else a Wakka fan
  12. yado

    Resident evil: The new outbreak

    1998...I remember it all to well. I was only 13 when the horrible virus was released. And to think, it all started with some strange muders being reported in the quite town Raccon City. Thats when it all began, more deaths, the reports of the dead rising. The president ordering a sterlization...
  13. yado

    the island project

    Many years ago, A war raged on a far island. This war was between two nations. This war went for ages and when it ended, all of the warriors from both nations died. The war was forgotten, and the island dissapeared, or so thats what was beleived. For the past twenty years, the goverment have...
  14. yado

    copying off of capcom

    I was watching X-play when they did a preveiw for KH2 and they showed some boss battles and cutscenes. I saw that you frequently had to hit triangle at diffrent timeed pointes. Is this true, and don't you think that is a copy off of Capcoms Resi 4 dodge cutscene.
  15. yado

    FFXII seems the same.

    I rented Dragon Quest VIII and i watched the intro for FFXII and it reminded me of something. The air pirates, sound like theives of IX. Kingdoms at war, IX. A princess who lost everthing, reminds me of Dagger a bit. Sorry if some of it doesn't fit to the end of FFIX havent beat it. So, who...
  16. yado

    Does anyone NOT like KH

    I have been wondering for a while if there was anyone on the forum who ISNT a fan of kingdom hearts. i am but i want to know if anyone isnt.
  17. yado

    FFX problem

    Ok, im stuck and i want your guys help. Im in the Zanakand cloister of trials. I just finshed the puzzle and now i have to fight this creature where i can go to diffrent 6 platforms. could anyone give me some help.
  18. yado

    Most unforgetable moments

    Alright,what do you think some of the most unforrgetable moments in game history are. i would have to say 1.knife fight with Krowser(RE4) 2.Death of Aeris(FF7) 3.Vilage Cheif battle(RE4)
  19. yado

    Seggustion about the spoiler forum

    I think this would be a good idea and so do others who do not want spoilers of KH2. When you look at the last posted spot on the main page for KH2, it shows the thread and person who posted. Well, people have a habit of putting the spoilers in the thread title so its still easy to see unwanted...
  20. yado

    Guild wars?

    i am thinking about getting the game and wanted to now how it was. I heaard it was really good.