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    Kh hearts boss battles

    What are your favorite boss fights? What are the worst? Who is the hardest to beat and who is the easiest? List your best and worst kh bosses (by game or for the entire series). Let's talk bosses. You can even include bosses you think should have been.
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    I'm back?

    Nope not at all. New friends are just as good as old ones :)
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    I'm back?

    Wow that sig is definitely a throwback lol.
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    I'm back?

    I dusted off my old account after 13 years, surprised it still exists honestly. Most (or all) probably don't remember me but just wanted to say hi :)
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    i want to start animating sprites but i need to know what program is good to start with
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    not sure where this goes since the rippers hangout is closed
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    where are the sprites?

    havent been on in a while and just wondering if theres still a thread for people who make kh sprites
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    kh tcg

    i just got it and its pretty cool, anyone else played it yet?
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    Powerman 5000!!!

    I just got their new cd, it rocks! Has anyone else heard it yet?
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    What Should've Been in KH2

    i think there should have been more hidden bosses like the weapons from ff7 or maybe you could fight the dead org members from CoM in the collesium
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    I would have to say tifa
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    donald's nobody/heartless weapon

    where do you get donald's nobody and heartless weapon? i already have both of goofy's.
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    If u have a stradegy guide post all typos u see

    uh, under hercules it should be headbutt, thats what he does, he runs and does that headbutt attack
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    Good places to train Master/Final?

    you have to collect drive orbs while in master to level it up. heres the best way to level up wisdom and maste. wisdom: go to twtnw: the alley between. make sure you have enough drive bars to enter drive, go into the next room and fight all the shadows and turn into wisdom, each kill will...
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    drive form levels?

    i didnt think about that, ill try it
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    drive form levels?

    yea, ive beaten the game and i have all the weapons and items except save the king, i dont know why its not working
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    drive form levels?

    and exactly how do i get final form? i know its random but I've spent the last 3 days using drive forms just trying to get it, is there a certain place i have to be in or sumthin?
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    drive form levels?

    well it said something like new form gauge or sumthin when i beat sephiroth, is that what you're talking about?
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    drive form levels?

    do they go past level 5? cause in the game guide it says they do but i cant level them up past 5
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    Organization Names

    the only way the names couldnt be the ones i put up is if they changed them for the NA version like they did with lexaeus, xaldin, and xigbar how do you know its even? im not saying its not but i dont remember it saying in the game or anywhere that it was