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    Kh hearts boss battles

    What are your favorite boss fights? What are the worst? Who is the hardest to beat and who is the easiest? List your best and worst kh bosses (by game or for the entire series). Let's talk bosses. You can even include bosses you think should have been.
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    I'm back?

    I dusted off my old account after 13 years, surprised it still exists honestly. Most (or all) probably don't remember me but just wanted to say hi :)
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    i want to start animating sprites but i need to know what program is good to start with
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    not sure where this goes since the rippers hangout is closed
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    where are the sprites?

    havent been on in a while and just wondering if theres still a thread for people who make kh sprites
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    kh tcg

    i just got it and its pretty cool, anyone else played it yet?
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    Powerman 5000!!!

    I just got their new cd, it rocks! Has anyone else heard it yet?
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    donald's nobody/heartless weapon

    where do you get donald's nobody and heartless weapon? i already have both of goofy's.
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    drive form levels?

    do they go past level 5? cause in the game guide it says they do but i cant level them up past 5
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    Heartless Angel

    just so everyone knows, Sephiroth's attack is called heartless angel, it says so in the back of the game guide
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    battle in the land of dragons

    this isnt really important or anything but i thought it was kinda weird, so here it is my brother was playing kh2 and he is at the land of dragons and he is at the part where you fight all the flying yellow heartless on the mountain, he skipped the scene because he didnt want to watch it and it...
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    I was just wondering what nobody all the members of the organization control, i know Saix controls the beserker, Luxord controls the gambler, and Xigbar controls the sniper, and I think Marluxia controls the spectre, but who are the other nobodies controlled by?
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    Yu Yu Hakusho

    does anyone here watch it? they just showed the last episode today on cartoon network, I've been watching it since the beginning and I thought it was a great way to end the series
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    Kingdom Hearts, CoM, or Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Which one is your favorite? For me it is Kingdom Hearts because thats the original and thats the one that was most fun for me.
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    a question about sephiroth

    in kh2 when sora and sephiroth meet shouldn't they remember each other since they've fought before?
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    two questions

    1. when do I get to fight sephiroth? 2. i just did the 1000 heartless battle, now I have to open the gummi routes again, I tried to open the one to Beast's castle but it didnt work, did I skip sumthin or what?
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    a question about axel?

    i just got the game today and i was wondering, is the second roxas fight with axel the last time we see him? did he die or what?
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    is Xehanort good?

    i thought he was evil but then i started watching some videos and he is always with sora in the world that never was.
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    hows this work?

    in the boss fight with luxord i didnt see luxord's hp bar instead it was something that said time guage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpzlpkMqJ6c&search=Luxord does anyone know how this works?
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    dont know if this is new or not but.....

    if you take Xehanort and take out the x and rearrange the letters it spells No Heart. sorry if this has been done