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  1. Ueki_168

    Anime/Manga ► Death Note is cooler than I expected.

    As of the writing of this thread, I am on chapter 43. I sure hope you guys don't reveal anything too big ^^' So, my case goes like this: I always said "I'm not gonna read or watch Death Note cuz it seems ridiculous and I think the only interesting thing is how the Death Note kills people. I'm...
  2. Ueki_168

    Should I give Bravely Default a try?

    So I heard about the game a lot when it came, but I didn't have a 3DS by the time, and I had to ignore everything. After I acquired it, I had KH3D to hold all my attention. Which pushed it to a corner of my memories. I know nothing about the series. Only that it's an RPG, Square Enix, bla bla...
  3. Ueki_168

    Question about Mickey&Co on X.

    Ever since I saw it, I've been slightly annoyed by the fact that Mockey&Co exist in the universe of X. So, I kinda know Unchained/Union X doesn't exist in the same reality as.. idk really... But the thing is: our characters go to every world inside the book of prophecies, like, they live the...
  4. Ueki_168

    Better late than ever ^-^'

    Hi there! I'm David and I've been on KHi for less than a month, and even though I have posted here and there, I guess this is a must so you guys know me a bit better!~ I love KH since I was 8 and I also love other franchises like Final Fantasy or the Naruto Games (hehe I'm a nerd). I also love...
  5. Ueki_168

    Pure KH experience

    If this has already been spoken of, I'm sorry ~^~ . In that case, I'll read it all out as soon as I know where it is! Okay so, this is sort of a general topic, but focused on the KH franchise. I am a videogame nerd and I love to complete or get the whole "pure" experience of a game if I play...