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  1. meep2meep

    Kh3 difficulty questions...

    Please no game spoilers. Do we know if there are benefits from starting the game on higher difficulties? (Like in 2fm extra ap and abilities). Also is critical available from the start?
  2. meep2meep

    KH All in One pre-order question.

    Hey, quick question people's. Was on the ps4 store and the pre-order bonus for the bundle includes ps4 theme (I'm assuming the same theme for every other kh3 pre-order) and "custom playstation keyblade". Was just curious if it's the midnight blue that one gets with a normal kh3 pre-order...
  3. meep2meep

    Roxas and Vanitas?

    Thoughts? Also OMFG ITS ROXAS [See avatar pic] XD XD
  4. meep2meep

    Interview with Nomura- Everyeye.it (Aug 27, 18)

    Hey guys, just found a link to an interview with Nomura. https://www.everyeye.it/amp/articoli/intervista-kingdom-hearts-3-tetsuya-nomura-parla-del-processo-creativo-del-gioco-40502.html?__twitter_impression=true It was posted yesterday and I havent seen mention of it on the site yet. If this...
  5. meep2meep

    Radiant Garden Confirmed...

    Havent seen a topic bout this yet but yeah look behind Ienzo. Time stamp 2:39, also note he may not be talking to Sora, the cutting makes it look like he is but I dunno. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBSutrxP8yM That is Tron's portal. (btw I just wanna say I'm not the first person to find...
  6. meep2meep

    Theory: Ultima Keyblade/ Keyblade Armor

    One of the gameplay elements I've noticed that has been neglected to be discussed is the presence of item synth. I don't doubt that it will be present in the game in some shape or another, also being the only way to obtain Ultima. Thinking about Sora's keyblade transformations and what they'll...
  7. meep2meep

    Gameplay questions (for those who attended)

    Hey peoples, I have a few quick questions for those that were able to play at the premiere event. None of the questions are spoilery all are pertaining to gameplay mechanics....really appreciate some of these answers. I realize that gameplay tweaks will be made and that what the testers played...
  8. meep2meep

    Worlds and the princesses

    So, how likely is it that Sora and the gang will venture to the princesses of heart world's? Tbh I really don't wanna go to agrabah again... that being said I'd actually be really down with a world reminiscent of the end of the world from kh1. There could be different "portals" that Sora can go...
  9. meep2meep

    So about Riku....

    So for those who have watched the theme trailer. After the song Mickey and Riku are talking... Riku leaves his "broken" keyblade there and says in case other me needs it. Uhhhhhh so does he have a nobody?!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc2vEr-618g If this is a re-post thread then just close it :)
  10. meep2meep

    Consolidated Sub-Thread?

    Hey, I was just curious why the site doesn't have a consolidated sub-thread about KH merch, I glanced through the stickys and couldn't find anything? I think having one would be cool... especially when I can find announced merch that doesn't have a thread created about it. By having a sub-thread...
  11. meep2meep

    Need quick clarification

    Having trouble finding a confirmed source... In kh2fm Xigbar informs Zexion that he heard someone else talking to Xemnas in the chamber of repose. We assume Aqua as its her armor there. So in 0.2 when Aqua is talking to Terra/ Terranort, shes actually talking to Xemnas and that is the...
  12. meep2meep

    10,000 Heartless Fight/ Endless Horde Mode.

    Just replaying 2fm to get my kh fix and just reached the 1000 heartless fight. So I started thinking to my self "wouldn't it be glorious if there was something like this in 3". That got me thinking omg wouldn't it be the best if there was an endless horde mode. Not like the coliseum with waves...
  13. meep2meep

    About time for a Bouncer remake

    Does anyone else actually remeber this game... probably have to be over 20 lol. Why does this game get no love. I mean Tetsuya basically copy and pasted Sion onto Sora. Remake the game then have the characters show up in the KH4. I mean fits perfectly into kingdom hearts and its themes. Could...
  14. meep2meep

    So here's a thought... (not story related)

    So wouldn't it be nice if there was some form of new game + for KH3. The series has never really had a proper new game + and although the game will be long (I hope), I really think that new game + would add to replay value. Maybe add the secret bosses there or add sora's objectives and...
  15. meep2meep

    Hollow Bastion Waterway Mystery

    Way back when in 2002 I tried to find a way to access the 2 switches behing the L shaped wall that moves in the waterway. I have played this game 50+ times and everytime I play it i spend a good hour looking for a way to access to damn blue buttons. At this point im 99% sure theyre just...
  16. meep2meep

    D23 Feb 2018 Question

    So I have a question regarding D23 next month... Will there be a live stream or recorded video of the conference? My specuation is no and google does not seem to be able to give me any information. I know D23 in cali was live streamed last year but that doesnt seem to extened to Japan cons. If...
  17. meep2meep

    What order should I play them in?

    I'm asking just in terms of different opinions in how I should go about 1.5 + 2.5? No this is not my first time... I've done all 3 before but now it's on ps4 :D 1) release dates? 1>com> 2> 358> bbs > coded 2) linear story? Bbs> 1> com> 358 > 2> coded 3) platinum difficulty (based solely on my...
  18. meep2meep

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Outfits

    So as we know Sora, Kairi, Riku and Mickey are all getting new outfits. For some reason Donald and Goofy don't appear to have new outfits. So what do you guys think? Alex/ Lea getting a new one? How bout Terra, Aqua and Ventus? And what about the 13 seekers of darkness. Will they all just wear...
  19. meep2meep

    0.2 leveling?

    Hey I'm trying to get to lvl 99 ASAP. Method I'm using right now is the stairs in mirror world. I've tried leveling at the end with mickey but it takes to long to get back. Anyone find something that works better?
  20. meep2meep

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Lore Video

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w0v0j0FpWvU YouTube gaming lore released this 7hrs ago. Not really news but haven't seen a post on main page so I thought I'd share it.