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  1. Artemis

    Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival anyone?

    So hey, I haven't been here for a while. But I was bored at work today and ideas started rattling around in my brain and I think I've got the start of something fun. Here's my pitch for an original RP, I don't have much, but I want to see if anyone is interested, or at the very least curious...
  2. Artemis

    Mutagenesis: Dawn of a New Age (Sign up/OOC)

    Over 25,000 years ago, a star on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy collapsed. The death of this massive star was followed by a supernova explosion. The entirety of the exploding star was blasted out in a radioactive cloud, full of cosmic ejecta, that was sent hurtling through space at...
  3. Artemis

    So, who doesn't like super heroes?

    So, aside from working on my Assassin's Creed rp, which you should check out here if you're interested, I've decided to start writing up something else. It will be an original RP, taking place on Earth after a cosmic event, most likely a meteor shower or asteroid crash, has wiped out a majority...
  4. Artemis

    Gauging interest, an Assassin's Creed rp?

    I have an idea that everyone who joins would be a member of the Assassin Brotherhood established by Ezio in AC Brotherhood. Or Revelations, if Turkey sounds like a better setting than Rome. We'd get contracts to assassinate, progress through a system to become Master Assassins, and live as...
  5. Artemis

    Free cupcakes for those who critique me!

    I lied, there are no free cupcakes, but I just got back to GIMPing after a very long hiatus. I found an image half finished and decided to give it a whirl, just to get back into the swing of things. Now, I was never very good to begin with, but I am excited with how this one turned out because I...
  6. Artemis

    Teenager Commits Suicide On Webcam

    Huffington Post Article alright, for those of you too lazy to read the article, A 19 year old, who was being treated for depression, commited suicide on his webcam for thousands of people. He had made threats before, so nobody watching him took him seriously until it was too late. the police...
  7. Artemis

    my regrets

    my computer has been acting shitty lately and i probably wont be on khinsider for a while. actually, it might be even longer depending on whats ruining my computer. my regrets to you dear khi. i am writing all this from my psp too.
  8. Artemis

    one of the boys

    alright, i am pretty happy with how this turned out, for the most part i know my right side is depressingly empty, and my left side is much too busy but aside from that CnC please?
  9. Artemis

    The Mercy Game (sign ups + OOC)

    In a Game That Treads the fine lines between life and deathHow Can You Expect mercy? Deep within the crowded streets of New York City, far beneath the sky scrapers and bustling people, there is a secret underground which holds one of the worlds most deadly games. Every 5 years, young adults...
  10. Artemis

    HAPPY B-DAY Rhapsody Flows!!!

    EVERYBODY! ITS HER BIRTHDAY! YAAAAY *insert generic birthday song here* have a nice one buddy!
  11. Artemis

    would you rather...

    well, this is a pretty simple game. all you do is ask a "Would you rather..." question and answer the one above you dur would you rather steal $100 or earn $100 honestly?
  12. Artemis


    for quite some time now, my friends have been calling me spineless. its mostly because i refuse to stand up for myself because i am afraid of disappointing another person, even if that person happens to be the one that is antagonizing me. it all started once i hit middle school really. i never...
  13. Artemis

    advice is welcomed!

    haha its kinda funny, what with all these mod campaigning threads and what not well, i too am campaigning, but for Student Body President. everybody says i am a great speaker, so i am not worried about all the speeches i have to give. i am more worried about what i am going to say in those...
  14. Artemis

    happy brithday me!

    well since i am a bit of an attention pig, this is an example, i decided to let the wonderful KHI community know its my Birthday! WOOT FOR GETTING MORE MATURE OLDER
  15. Artemis

    ~Takushi Rena Fanclub~

    i noticed that there was no fc dedicated to the awesomeness that is our friendly neighborhood moderator, Takushi Rena. She is most likely to be found in the RP section, giving away cookies and hacking at monsters with her keyblade. Her fanfics and rps are among a whole new level of awesome! SO...
  16. Artemis

    5 letter scrabble!

    ok, this is a bit differant from regular scrabble -you have to use a 5 letter word -you can only change 2 letters so it looks a bit like this, ahem Bob: Scare Bill: Start Frank: Farty see how it works? i will start with Stuff
  17. Artemis

    +++Lancelot-come-Buniberzei-come-Shinkiro-come-Lancelot again-come... Fanclub+++

    alright since forum insanity was purged, we lost a great fanclub...that of SRR, or Maitaj, or Endless Reason...he suffers from multiple personality syndrome, ya know Schiz i am here to bring it back! luv ya callum WELCOME TO THE NEW LANCELOT FANCLUB* Note: Running this fanclub is expensive, so i...
  18. Artemis

    looking for advice

    ok, if you are just going to flame or post truly unhelpful advice for fun, please just dont post at all i have a guy friend who i am extremely tight with. i only consider him my friend, but i dont know what the hell he is thinking about me. sometimes he claims we are just friends, sometimes...
  19. Artemis

    The Mercy Game (sign ups and OOC)

    I know, there are alot of "game" rps... Deep within the crowded streets of New York City, far beneath the sky scrapers and bustling people, there is a secret underground which holds one of the worlds deadliest games. Every 5 years, young adults from around the globe are randomly selected to...
  20. Artemis

    Jingai Makyo

    links removed due to adult content Hmmm, i was just wondering if anybody else has heard of the game Jingai Makyo. Its a Nitro+ game from 2005, but hasn't been transferred into english. It sounded pretty cool, but since its limited to Japan only...I posted a couple links, check em out, but one...