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  1. sora4sky

    Famitsu Coverage April 5th Edition Coming SOON

    Editing the OP so people don't get the wrong idea since the info i found in Siliconera were mixed old stuff. Long story short. If you find any new info from the new Famitsu that has the developers interview for KH3D be sure to post it here. ^_^ In the meantime why don't you share your...
  2. sora4sky

    Good People Die

    The new game from Chunsoft and the staff of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors made its debut on the pages of Famitsu earlier today. Famitsu.com followed up with a few screenshots of Gyokugen Dasshutsu Adv: Zennin Shiboudes. The guy dressed like a mechanic is the game's main...
  3. sora4sky

    Thundercats 2011

    So i searched for it and i couldn't find a topic about it so i made one. Here you can watch the first 2 episodes: Watch Thundercats (2011) Season 1 Episode 1 & Episode 2 The Sword of Omens Online | Tv-Junky You thoughts on the new Thundercats? Personally i like it so far but it's still too...
  4. sora4sky

    Message from the kingdom Update + New BBS Wallpaper

    Hi guys..i think Message from the kingdom updated saying that BBS:FM is officially released and that a new wallpaper is added in the website + some info for KH mobile. Here is the link: Message from the KINGDOM The wallpaper here...
  5. sora4sky

    BBS:FM Secret Ending step by step analysis(Probably spoilers)

    Okay, it's the 1st time making a thread like that and i am not very good with making theories(even though this isn't one) so sorry if i say something wrong and all. I made this thread so we can think together and find clues and answers from FM secret ending... On topic now...i will do a recap of...
  6. sora4sky

    PS3 (J)RPG suggestions...anyone here can help?

    Hi people, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year... Okay now to the topic. What the title says...I'd like some (J)RPGs PS3 suggestions...anyone here can help me? I want the game to be something similar to FFXIII and White Knight Chronicles. If you have any suggestions then by all means...
  7. sora4sky

    Birth By Sleep takes Gold Prize at Playstation Awards

    So yeah, Birth by sleep took a Gold Prize at 2010 Playstation Awards for shipping more than 500,000 units in japan. Well, i think everyone expected that much it's not something unexpected after all... Also the only title that took the platinum prize is FFXIII (for shipping more than 1 million...
  8. sora4sky


    In my opinion Psyren is an awesome manga... Here a little summary about Psyren: Thats the starting premesis in a nut shell. Who hes playing against, where the game takes place, how hes supposed to win and the point of it all is very interesting indeed. More bits of the truth is explained...
  9. sora4sky

    Anyone here wants to see Re:Coded live??

    Okay guys those who don't have a problem spoiling the game in the link below you can watch Re:Coded live. Slyzer's Gaming on Justin.tv
  10. sora4sky

    SMT: Devils Survivor...

    So yeah has anyone here played it? It's a good game? It's similar to the Persona games? I should play it? What's the story? Someone told me that the game will remind me of The world ends with you.
  11. sora4sky

    Sora picked for another list

    Dengeki Readers Pick Game And Anime Characters They’d Like To Befriend Another fascinating pair of polls on Dengeki, this time with readers picking game and anime characters that they’d like to befriend. As usual, the lists below contain some expected and some mind-boggling choices. Game...
  12. sora4sky

    Birth By Sleep Rename Your Finisher.

    Hey people...so how are you doing? Super-excited for Birth By Sleep?? You must be...only 2 days left for the official release of Birth By Sleep! Okay, so with that out of the way like the title of the thread says a new feature in Birth by sleep is that you can rename your finishers! Pretty cool...
  13. sora4sky

    Overclock system news

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded’s Overclock System Auto Buffs Sora So what do you think about this new twist...you think you gonna like it? or not? Source:Kingdom Hearts Re:coded’s Overclock System Auto Buffs Sora // Siliconera
  14. sora4sky

    Blur Vs Split/second Velocity which one?

    Okay, so i 'd like your opinion in these two games. I read both games are pretty good but i want to buy only one...so which one you think is better to buy?
  15. sora4sky

    Birth by sleep at E3 photos!

    So look what i found: Big Screen enough said!!!
  16. sora4sky

    Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 in works at Ninja Theory

    According to a rumour in the latest issue of Game Informer, Ninja Theory, the developer of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, is working on a fifth Devil May Cry. The last title in the series, Devil May Cry 4, released for PS3, 360 and PC in 2007. The Cambridge-based studio said recently it...
  17. sora4sky

    This year-game/next year-game

    So from these two answers: We have two games on the way before KHIII, one will come this year and the other one next year. What you think these two titles will be about?? My opinion is that one game will cover the gap between BBS and KH1. As for next year i take into consideration the first...
  18. sora4sky

    Sora:Famitsu top characters

    The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly did a feature on the reader’s most popular characters and Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series came in 5th! This warranted him the cover of the issue as well as a seven page spread. The article details his role in the series and also contains a small interview...
  19. sora4sky

    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Hope this is the right section..... Okay i just visited Heartstation and i read that a new source came on the surface that the BBS Ultimania will come out in March......too bad eh?? You think that in February we will hear a release date for NA/EU?? i find it unlikely but anyway.... UPDATE...
  20. sora4sky

    Here are some numbers...

    Well, we all now that birth by sleep is big news in the last 2 days, guess WHAT it has big numbers too.... So birth by sleep sold 468.000 units in its debut, pretty good i you ask me.....