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  1. Chaosmax

    E3 2016: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Hands-On Walkthrough

    Was that Master Eraqus keyblade Aqua was using in the gameplay?
  2. Chaosmax

    More Details about KH3D Ultimania Revealed!

    You repeated yourself there may want to erase that(not like anyone cares though lol). I can't wait for this to come out, I wasn't planning on getting a 3ds but after seeing the trailers and watching the gameplay I've decided to get it along with a few other games. What I'm interested in most is...
  3. Chaosmax

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Any new livestreams up guys/girls or are we still waiting??
  4. Chaosmax

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Re: KH3D Livestreams! Is there a new livestream up??
  5. Chaosmax

    KH3D Opening

    *facepalm* lol yeah poor wording. Already seen it and it indeed was pretty good.
  6. Chaosmax

    KH3D Opening

    Where did everyone see the ending at?? D:
  7. Chaosmax

    Kingdomhearts: Scattered Memories

    Man its been a while since I wrote a story :/ Couple of things to note before reading this. 1. It's an AU fic and will show how over the course of the fic. 2. There's a reason he's called the leader and not a name yet 3. If your confused about the prologue more than likely your answers will be...
  8. Chaosmax

    3D final boss/test

    Basically this, Aqua is definetly stronger from not only being a master but surviving two years in the RoD. If she appears sometimes in the game and helps out I'll be fine with that but having her as an ally throughout the whole game or even most of it for that matter is makes it unbalanced and...
  9. Chaosmax

    3D final boss/test

    You've missed my point I never said anything in there that winning is what made a master.
  10. Chaosmax

    3D final boss/test

    Maybe they appear differently in each others eyes to think they're the enemy, so for example in Sora's eyes he sees Ansem seeker of darkness but it is truly Riku. The only point I could see though in them doing this would be to teach the two to look with not just their eyes but with their...
  11. Chaosmax

    KH 3D Clear me up on something

    The latest I'm expecting for it to come would be after New Years so more than likely it would be sometime in mid January to early March. The earliest I'd expect it would be before Christmas but I doubt it will come that early :/
  12. Chaosmax

    Thoughts on Card System in Re:COM

    Re: Thoughts Card System in Re:COM This a thousand times, the system was creative and well done. I loved the way you could come up with different combos in it and have to defeat the other card with a higher one, it made it challenging and definetly worth playing.......wish I still had it :/
  13. Chaosmax

    Kingdomhearts....why like it??

    Ok now this will be an opposite thread to the one I made a while ago. To put it simply, why do you like kingdomhearts? I mean what seperates it from other games and what got you interested in the series in the first place.
  14. Chaosmax

    Kingdom Hearts...why hate it?

    A simple question really, I want to know why so many were disappointed in certain or all kh games after the first?? Please do not flame others in this thread, thank you.
  15. Chaosmax

    Is bbs unknown master Eraqus's nobody

    This is what you're looking for, also no one truly dies in KH as stated by Nomura "Death does not exist in the KH universe"
  16. Chaosmax

    Birth by Sleep MF Fight Music - "Dark Impetus"

    Its been confirmed that nobodies do not age! It really doesn't matter whether you find it hard to believe are not its the truth and you have to accept it.
  17. Chaosmax

    Birth by Sleep MF Fight Music - "Dark Impetus"

    Its been confirmed that nobodies cannot age besides we have seen characters that changed in a year(Sora, Kairi, etc.). Now MF is somebody we know since Nomura(or someone else from SE) stated in an interview once that the MF was someone we knew but trying to figure out how they could be there in...
  18. Chaosmax

    Bleach: Beginning of the End

    Signups thread: http://forums.khinsider.com/signups-discussion/162280-bleach-beginning-end-signups-discussion.html The demon groaned as the sun’s heat beat down on him it wasn’t nothing compared to hells flames but he hated the heat regardless. His eyes were fixated on a nearby school that...
  19. Chaosmax

    Bleach: Beginning of the End Signups/Discussion

    Bleach: Beginning of the End Canon RP thread: http://forums.khinsider.com/canon-roleplays/162416-bleach-beginning-end.html Soul Society: Dear diary, I’m beginning to fear for my life as the days pass on. Our captain says the war between us and the Vizards is inevitable and that he was...
  20. Chaosmax

    Bleach RP?

    Hey all I was thinking about making a new Bleach RP but before I do I wanted to see how many are up for it. Here's basically what I have now for the story. Plot: Soul Society has been ravaged for decades now with the ongoing war between the 13 court guards and the Vizards. Recently one of...