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  1. khfreak17

    Silver Sparkles

    This is a short story i did a while ago, and i felt like putting it up here and seeing what feedback i could get. so... enjoy! and please comment!!! *~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~* I stared sadly out the window as my love walked away. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and quickly wiped it away before the...
  2. khfreak17

    Demon Blood

    Based off a dream that i had one night. comments/feedback are appreciated! Prologue Fear. The last thing I felt. Fear... and shock. Why? Why would my own brother do this? And... why me? Screams. The last thing I heard. The screams of those I loved, being tortured.... killed. If only I...
  3. khfreak17

    Truth of a Nothing

    This is the other sequel for Final Destiny. But this one is about Xillian. it's happening the same time as Destiny Changed, so, yeah. Comments and feedback are appreciated! Enjoy! Chapter I “I said go away!” Xillian shouted. Ever since the Switch, Rixa had been stuck in her head. And now...
  4. khfreak17

    Destiny Changed

    (this is the sequel to Final Destiny. It’s in Roxas’s point of view, so, enjoy! Feedback and comments are appreciated.) Chapter One “Roxas! Open up! I got your mail for you!” Roxas groaned and opened the door to his apartment. His neighbor, Leyah, was standing in front of him, holding a...
  5. khfreak17

    What does "358/2 Days" stand for??

    A question recently occurred to me.... what does 358/2 Days stand for?? and how do you say it??
  6. khfreak17

    Mark of Lightning

    Please comment. I might finish this, and I might not. But... oh well. It's based off 2 of my favourite books, by the way. It was a normal day. Well, as normal as it could get when you lived in a cage. Yes, we lived in a cage. Me and my friends/family of 5 teens. Briar, Jezabel (Jez)...
  7. khfreak17

    Final Destiny

    My first fanfic. Comments and feedback are much appreciated. (srry if i spelled that wrong)