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  1. Absent

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | rokunami or rokushi or [insert your ship]?

    This is what I mean by Nomura being too deep in his writing. He’s so disconnected from what we see and play that he has to clarify things like this. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the ending of the Xehanort saga, the culmination of all relationships and rivalries. Given the context of previous games, it...
  2. Absent

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | rokunami or rokushi or [insert your ship]?

    Bless you stranger. You have ended my eternal suffering. I am free from my mortal coil, ready to embrace nirvana.
  3. Absent

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | rokunami or rokushi or [insert your ship]?

    Btw can anyone find that interview or quote. I tried looking for it but Google only showed me people shipping Rikunami or people talking about the interview...without the interview. I just want to see it so I can rest in peace.
  4. Absent

    Which cast do you think the next Kingdom Hearts entry will focus on?

    Ok radical idea y’all, get ready. Sora, Riku and Kairi.
  5. Absent

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | rokunami or rokushi or [insert your ship]?

    AbsentxNomura. Please follow me on Twitter and Tumblr where I go down a spiral of emotions, citing fake information to fuel my unhealthy and fake relationship with Nomura.
  6. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    I boldened, italicized and underlined it for you, just so there's no confusion.
  7. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    I think there was a glitch or forum error because my friend @Face My Fears didn't see my post. Its ok @Face My Fears I'll post it again for you. Hopefully they'll actually read it this time.
  8. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    Face my Fears, my friend, my compañero.... When. Did. I. Say. That? Like why bother discussing things when you’re obviously already putting words or imagining things I never said or even in the faintest implied? Like I know I troll a lot, but you’re giving me a run for my money.
  9. Absent

    The "Report a Member/Topic" Thread

    Go to their account and Ignore them. They'll disappear from the feed.
  10. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    Here's the thing: I never defended or mentioned 1 and 2. What happened back then was shoddy, especially in an ever changing world. You can make all the excuses you want, but just because bad stuff was excused back then still doesn't make it right. Also Fear My Face I need you understand this...
  11. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    Sometimes I feel like we give Nomura/Square/Disney too much credit. If Kingdom Hearts were more mainstream and in a different medium, they would’ve been raked across the coals due to the treatment of female characters. Personally the video game medium and culture enables and ignores so much bs...
  12. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    Indifference and hate are not so different. In most cases it is the base upon hate thrives. Case and point, look at the world. I should think it’s obvious that Kairi is not a favorite of his.
  13. Absent

    Kairi: The Thread

    I always joked that even the most avid hater of Kairi cannot compete with Nomura. Nomura’s decisions and lack of, speak volumes about Kairi. Does he hate her with with a passion? Probably not. However he’s been at the helm since the beginning and he chose this path for her. I mean why bother...
  14. Absent

    Film ► Static Shock - Michael B Jordan to produce Static Shock film

    About time! I never understood how Shazam got a movie before Static Shock. Now I’m definitely going to rewatch the series and crossover episodes.
  15. Absent

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Remember how the Cornerstone of Light was a big deal that was abandoned. Pete enters Disney Castle in Re:Coded and Maleficent summons a dark corridor in DDD.
  16. Absent

    News ► Square Enix releases brand new screenshots and renders for KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory

    IMO it’s not gonna flop, but it won’t do too well either. I don’t care for rhythm games but once the sale comes, I will definitely check it out.
  17. Absent

    News ► More songs confirmed for Melody of Memory!

  18. Absent

    Yeah I understand. I was referring to TLJ. The scene got out of control when that film released...

    Yeah I understand. I was referring to TLJ. The scene got out of control when that film released. Right now the prequels are in good standing with the community so it’s easier for me to express my love for them.
  19. Absent

    What community do you guys distance yourself from?

    You know...That one. The one revitalized the Fandom Menace. The one you can’t mention online with friends because someone has to say something about it. The only one from the ST that George Lucas said anything nice about.