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  1. AnotherXehanort13

    The 7th Pupil of the Master of Masters

    Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has finished the Dark Seeker saga and the story of Xehanort comes to a close, many fans are pondering the new tale that Nomura began in DDD and has built up in the background through Re:Coded and mainly KHUX and X Back Cover, the tale of the Foretellers. Amongst the...
  2. AnotherXehanort13

    ToyBox and the Power of Waking?

    Hi im new to this forum, big fan, yada yada, okay Now As You Know™ a large amount of time in KH3 is spent going through various worlds trying to discover the power of waking. The conclusion to this was a bit lackluster (Sora you knew in your heart all along), but there is oddly enough a...