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    Sora is really cruel!

    In Kingdom hearts 2 sora wants to kill order 13, but order 13 only want to be whole again.... Is that so wrong? they only give him heartless to kill for fun and in return they get the hearts so they can be normal again... they dont really harm anyone! ohh well what do you all think? i really...
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    kh2 glich cheat... never ending drive!!

    i dont know if someone has posted it before but if ya go into drive form and leave the area still in drive mode u will have full drive bar so u can really have endless fun!!!!!! i did it in cribo town just after u go in tree and into the town and back!! back and forth, heartless die!
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    Right Plz Help!!! *SPOILER*

    lastime no one was helpfull.... so ill try again what is the song to this vid plz i really need this song and also many people on this site want to know... so plz help if ya know!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1SNBj9RBsY ive posted the last version of it on the net plz help!!!!!
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    question on vid!!!

    if uve seen the vid before they changed the music does anyone no what the songs called and by who plz.....!!! http://kh-media.net/modules.php?name=Video&op=view&video_id=122 The link to the trailer.... plz help
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    Who likes sanctuary.....

    ive just seen the trailer for sactuary and i sesiously hope thats not the song we have..... i really prefare passion so much better.... :eek: *hairy spaz cry's in corner after hearing the BALLS UP! called sanctuary* who actualy likes it!!!! :confused:
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    kh2 intro now out!!! spoilers

    go on www.kh2.co.uk to get the INTRO TO KH2!!!!!! :D
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    What other ff charecters....

    What other final fantasy charecters would be so cool to see in kh2.... for me i would love to fight kuja.... hehehehehe... kuja would be easy at start like sephiroth in kh1 then when you take off a quarter of his health then he goes trance kuja and can totaly woop you ass :D but he would be in...
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    How cool would it be...

    How cool would it be is cloud and sephiroth were a summon... i really mean it... you see a bunch of heartless and out comes sephiroth and cloud absolutely loving it!!!!! it would be also cool if sephiroth was a sub boss again... also kuja from ff9 with a rocked out theme to dark messenger like...
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    The in depth story to Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts... one of the best storys ever.. but there are some things to think about... in the final mix there are some sceans were riku is on the dark path...the point is they say kingdom hearts is the heart of all worlds and ansem is killed by the light in kingdom hearts yet why is it...