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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    The guide is wrong in parts to, it says those things ..whatever the things when you fight the 1000 heartless...the guys with the swords, and the lantern dudes, drop lightning shards in the le strat guide, but they dont, its the dudes from tron. Lol if any of you understood that.
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seph= Sephiroth, wow, so many noobs.
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can help you, wait lvl 76, your a noob n/m...might wanna look towards your Trinity Limit bud.
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    the ultima weapon

    You dont need 7 more, you only need 7, you use a crystal to split the 7 in half.
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    Shadow Sora Drive Form? I've done it. No joke.

    also if you died while in anti form your a noob...
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    1000 heartless

    It was dumb, you just attacked the same way for like 5 minutes..yey?..and there was no challenge.
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    lol, i hate you bulletproof you really need to be banned, your worse than me, its like if i said DAMNIT your noob bulletproof you are the omgzors like omfg what!!!...but yea sephiroth wasnt that hard...but it was challenging.
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    ultimate weapon.

    No, you can only get 7, your a moron....you get 1 when you get all materials...and the rest you get at other places...and it says 13..cuz you use your crystal and cut it in half to get 7. yes..moron.
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    Shadow Sora Drive Form? I've done it. No joke.

    first of all, that form is horrendus. it sucks... worst form in my eyes. its more annoying than anything.
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    a question about the secret ending

    Ive seen it, i beat proud mode..
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    drive levels

    It can lvl up to 7
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    Sora rocks nice man..i doubt it though.
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    Nice, I dont wanna play Beginner, on proud mode I beat him on 57..i knew what to do.
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    Choas your a lier, you cant use forms.. moron
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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    If so what lvl? I was lvl 61 I used my limit break to woop him..easily.
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    Forms and Keyblades

    Lol mines alot better.. Lvl-87 Regular-Fenrir Valor (lvl 7)- Decisive pumpkin Master (lvl 7)-Oathkeeper Final (lvl 7)-Ultima Weapon
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    best keyblades

    I have ultima and fenrir on final form yes, but level 7 final form... BEAT THAT!