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  1. SomeKHFan

    Original plots for Pixar properties.

    One thing I found interesting in KH3 is that Pixar had original plots used for all their Pixar properties. If I remember correctly this was part of their policy for any of their properties being used in KH3. That's why Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Ratatouille contained new original content, even...
  2. SomeKHFan

    Film ► Live action Pokemon Movie.

    Yep, you heard right. There seems to be rumours of a live action Hollywood movie. Hard to believe (and I hope it doesn't happen) but here's the info. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/heat-vision/ryan-reynolds-star-pokemon-movie-detective-pikachu-1065206?__twitter_impression=true Hollywood...
  3. SomeKHFan

    Roxas's Proof of Existence marker

    At the proof of Existence in KHII we see the grave markers of each organisation member with what weapon they wielded. On Roxas' one they show his keyblades Oblivion and Oathkeeper. In days however we know that Roxas doesn't learn how to dual wield until just before he fights Riku and the only...
  4. SomeKHFan

    Where future KH3 World reveals will Happen?

    Where does everyone else feel the future KH3 will Happen? I feel either the TGS or Jump Festa are likely candidates for future world reveals. If the game is not released by then E3 next year could be another place for a world reveal. Of course Square Enix/Disney could always do other...