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    umm...help with KH2 final mix

    Can you switch the voices to japanese? and can the subs be turned off? I just got it and have no clue how to work the options
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    Summon Mickey?

    i was at gamewinners.com and i saw a tip that said if you finish everything, go back to timeless river, go through a new door, and help mickey fight some heartless he will give you King's charm. Has anybody heard of this? highly unlikely........
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    Here we go again.....

    I recently encountered a post in which someone made a long list of "remixes". I was not the least bit impressed and as before i am going back to work on some remixes to prove my point. Expect a remix of tension rising, 13th dillema, and the 13th struggle in about a week.
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    Remix is done

    Alright everyone, the moment some of you have been waiting for. MY passion remix is done. I had to rush cleaning it up to get it out today so some parts might sound wierd or off but its nothing big. Let me know wat u think and enjoy...
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    My Passion Remix

    Heres part of the remix i promised some of you but its only the first minute and it needs some cleaning up. Im very busy at school so ill have the rest in about a week. Meanwhile enjoy Sanctuary - (After the Dream Remix) and let me know wat you think. Its kind of the in between version of the...
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    In-game reset

    Is there an in-game reset button combination? i tried the regular L1+L2+R1+R2 start and select but nothing happens
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    Help with tron

    How do you beat the world. I beat the first visit and tried coming back but nothing happens. i go to the simulation hangar and it say i need the solar sailor. what do i do?!
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    Other Passion Version

    Ive noticed that nobody has mentioned the Planit T Remix of Passion. Its not that great but for those of you who are curious to listen to it here it is. It gets more melodious towards the end. Enjoy http://s29.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1HKXQA7E7MBLK32ZVWGQ3NF2IM
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    New theory on kh3

    I think that kh 3 will be a prequel. In Ansem report 9 he states that a king (mickey) spoke to him about the keyblade wielder and how he brought peace and that there was another story that he brought chaos. This was all mentioned in past tense. Just a thought.....
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    New theory on 3 knights

    I don't read japanese so i dont know exactly what the secret ending says but i did see one part where it quotes some of the ansem reports. I don't know what part is quoted but from what i remember about them there was one that mentioned ansem's encounter with someone from another world and that...
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    HELP! Pretty stones

    I got 2 pretty stones while playing kingdom hearts. What do i do with them?
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    Need serious help!!

    I know this thread is in the wrong place but i see more people in here than in the kingdom hearts one where it belongs OK, in hollow bastion when you go to the underground waterway and you switch the gates and stuff, there are 2 things that i cant get to. 1. The treasure chest above the...
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    Treasure Chest in Underground Waterway

    OK, in hollow bastion when you go to the underground waterway and you switch the gates and stuff, there are 2 things that i cant get to. 1. The treasure chest above the waterway which can be seen from jumping up against the wall as soon as you come out from the...
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    Kingdom Hearts II better be worth it!

    I can't believe their doing this!!! They always do this to great games and by the time they actually release it, the hype has cooled off and its not as great. EXAMPLE:Half-life 2 I just hope its tight as hell if they're makin us wait this damn long!!!!!
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    Theme song suggestion for Kingdom Hearts II

    They should just keep the hikari/simple and clean theme and for the intro scene use the remix again but use the second verse of the song as opposed to the first as it was in kh's intro scene. The theme song song should not change. its kind of been embedded as the "feel" of kh.
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    IS it all real or just a dream?......

    Ok. Since the beginning ive had the feeling that its all going to turn out to be a dream. soras going to wake up on destiny islands on the beach or something and realize that it was just one long dream kinda like he woke up at the beginning of kh. He also says in the opening fmv "Is any of this...
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    all the videos, thus far.....

    alright, here they are. All the videos released in the past week are all available for download. some of u were complaining that the link is down so i re-upped all of them except for the Korn/FF8 cuz i thought it sucked. Once again, let me know what you think if u havent already! TGS 2004 remix...
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    more vids

    Well i've finished another pair of videos. but i dont feel they are as good as my other ones, especially the korn one (probably not for everyone). That one i felt was kinda slow . But let me know what u think! Yellowcard-Way away/KH2...
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    sum more vids

    okay, the first one is a failed video. i felt that the song didnt really drive the visuals enough so i stopped 3/4 of the way. but if u want to see it go right ahead. The second one had mixed reviews in the past. its the hillary duff/kh video and its available right here for ur viewing pleasure...
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    some new home-made videos

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0BGTA1Q2MKF3L3R909CBWF4Z7X http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0Q6PREGZ3LFF730P1WK7LKM1YX Well I decided to repost my tgs 2004 remix trailer for kh2 for those who didnt see it in the old boards. Its the second link. The first one is for all u ff8 fans (I know...