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    Why Does Cloudy Card think emo kids love kh

    Seriously people lets discuss this.... Is it wrong that people like kh even if some are emo, punk, prep, poser, gangsta, etc. But why does Cloudy Card think emo people love kingdom hearts? Quote- Theyre everywhere on these boards!! what gives?? how can they type with their wrists all cut...
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    This is what happens when u lose a boss battle (SPOILER)

    Ok this i got from that gamefaq site. bla bla bla http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=915410&topic=25269591 ok link now actual paragraph. From: jegnan | Posted: 12/21/2005 6:38:30 AM | Message Detail Hey I lost to Cerberus(it was too harsh. I even forgot to refill my...
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    Japan is getting Kingdom Hearts Trinity Master Pieces

    If you go onto the japan kh2 site. You can see that they are getting a Kingdom Hearts Trinity Master Pieces set which comes with Ultimate Hits Kingdom Hearts, Kh Chain of Memories, and Kh2. WHich all come in this carrying case with shows hollow bastion in the background with the whole kh gang...
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    Kh2 info like actors, characters, stuff like dat

    Ok i found this info on a movie site, but yawn watever about that lets get to the kh2.... Ok heres the link to the page if you like But the page looks a lil dated by none the less ight http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0390163/ But what was interesting was the cast of the game... Cast (in credits...
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    Utada Hikaru's Passion,Kh 2 themesong *full song*

    I found this on some site thanks to some unknown sources but its the whole song for kh2. So here you go, Utada's new single called Passion. http://www.youtube.com/?v=2wZQ74Qk4Is
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    A request needed...

    I know this seems very much nooblike but my answers seem to go uncalled in sig shops and truthfully i need a not so much sig because its bigger approximately half a sheet of paper give or take.... I was wondering if someone would be able to make it for me within the day if you like. Because time...
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    Kh2 release date: found on Square Enix site

    Ok i was on the square enix main site and was searching for some things but I came across this. I know this is noobish sort of, and it isn't an exact release date but it sheds some light from what other places tend to be saying about the release date. Game Title Release Date Price Format...
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    I have found a fan based kh game over the internet

    Ok I was looking for pics i could use as my sig of king mickey and came across a certain pic that interested me, so i clicked it and came across a kh fan based site who developed a downloadable game. So me thinking this might be interesting I actually downloaded it and its pretty good. If people...
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    A World Unseen

    1. A story few know In a universe ruled by evil, few know the story of a world that tried to oppose, tried to succeed, and most of all tried to assimilate all worlds into one. Yet all know the downfall of that planet and all who opposed. As we sit her and pray for this day to come to an...
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    Kingdom Hearts Resemblance

    Ok after looking at Kingdom Hearts and The Bouncer *Two games from Square Enix* I found that sora and sion both have a resemblance. Yet The Bouncer was released before Kingdom Hearts so did Square Enix model Sora after the Sion from the bouncer. http://clubs.1up.com/media?id=2123159&type=lg...
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    Kingdom Hearts question

    Ok I love kingdom hearts a lot, but one thing that i don't get is in the first game they kept it at a younger kids field of view. I mean the story was great and their was motivation to keep playing the game over and over again. But inlike the other games square enix has made, kingdom hearts...
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    Avatar the last airbender

    Who has ever seen this anime, its really good with a good sense of action and comedy.
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    Why isn't their a section for kh based poems

    Why isn't their a section for kh based poems. A lot of people have really good poems and they post them, yet they go unnoticed because their in the Fan Fic section. Some of the people are trying to get support, and see if their doing a good job with their poems. Yet they will neva get a reply...
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    Fanfiction ► A chance Series

    Ok I wrote a fan fic but its sorta in poems, so each poem leads into eachother and it tells out the story. I'm not gonna say who its about cuz Ima let people guess, so don't be 2 criticizing say some of it doesn't go with the story cuz i allready know that, i had to add some more stuff to make...
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    yo i have a question about C.O.M

    ok the riku that protected namine wasn't the real riku right? And didn't he run away or something, so will there be another riku in Kingdom Hearts 2. Heres my theory * based on many theories of more than one riku* There is the real Riku with Mickey travelin the twilight road to dawn. And then...
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    Exodus "A kingdom hearts RP"

    We are on shortage of participants, so if you like the story can you sign up? It has been 10 years since Sora sealed the door of Kindgom Hearts, yet the time of peaceful bliss has come to an end as new forms of heartless have appeared from Hollow Bastion. As many fight to defend the castle...
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    Clan invitation to The Revolution

    The Revolution is coming!!!!! The time has approached, and a clan has appeared from the midst of a whole league of clans. Yet what the others lack, we strive in. Come join The Revolution and join our leagues of members as we raise in the ranks. Anyone is Welcome and Remember, The Revolution...
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    Clan invitation to The Revolution

    The Revolution is coming!!!!! The time has approached, and a clan has appeared from the midst of a whole league of clans. Yet what the others lack, we strive in. Come join The Revolution and join our leagues of members as we raise in the ranks. Anyone is Welcome and Remember, The Revolution...
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    yo watz up

    a couple weeks ago i joined this site and i frequently play the rpg, but why is it turned offline. I'm just askin so could someone tell why? Anywayz thanx The Revolution's Comin!!!!! If you wanna join the clan, send me a private messege And i'll send you the invite