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  1. J

    Ys ~The Oath In Felghana~

    YouTube - Ys The Oath in Felghana Gameplay movie 2 It's a PC real action RPG game... I'm playing it right now... Fun fun :p
  2. J

    Moshi moshi...

    Hi~ This is Jukebox_Hikari calling! Just want you to know that there's a newbie around town, and that's me! I'm 17, not-single, and 100% American Born Chinese! Hmmm I grew up in Hong Kong for eleven years, came to America in 2001, currently studying Japanese in HS :) My hobbies are: Drawing...
  3. J

    have you beaten the game?

    lol I still haven't beaten it... I'm at the last riku... something about it lost my interest... I think it was because I lost about 5 times LOL despite being a lv 72...
  4. J

    I thought this game was pretty cool

    Good game. Need to use some math and thinkin before you head out to each room and bosses, but that gets a bit tricky. I like the change of pace for the battle system, but I still like Real Time Action like the regular KH1 and 2. Overall, it's a great GBA game, but I probably want play it again...