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    kh2 ost

    does anyone know where i can download the kh2 ost??? i found the tracks on bluelaguna but i prefer if it was one or two large files like the first kh ost on file front.
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    kingdom hearts claymmation

    this is a claymmation i did for my tech class in highskool...its like wallace and gromit but worse and its based on kh (i think its called claymmation?...thts wat my teacher calls it anyway..) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PNOLULdOjM
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    "Skies of Hope: The Key"

    can someone put the "skies of hope" on youtube....thts all..(i dont really wanna download all tht) its from http://www.kh2.co.uk/
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    kh3 (yeh i know...another one)

    my question is about the third installment of kh. with all these theories of the next kh, do u think that there will still be disney worlds and final fantasy characters? cuz it seems like the plot seems too different to include disney(but thts just my opinion). wats ur input about the next kh...
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    sanctuary after the battle

    does anyone know where i can get an mp3 version of it....if its even out yet?
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    A line in Sanctuary?

    In the kh2 NA version, I was just wondering wat utada is singing when they show the scene of going down the stairs of kh: com (its the scene where namine is drawing the com stairs and it becomes real life and it shows sora and gang going up the stairs fighting the heartless). its the echo-ey...
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    ending: passion

    does anyone have the passion that is played at the end of kh2. it kinda is passion after the battle but it also includes the music they play during credits as well. is it one whole song or is it just a bunch of songs they put together for the credits?(which means u hav to download the soundtrack...
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    LOL...hp gof and passion!

    watch... if its old, then whatever. http://youtube.com/watch?v=lG1qQp4kzG0&search=harry%20potter%20passion
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    For anyone who has seen the beginning of com, can u explain what this picture is when they show namine drawing castle oblivion and they show a scene of something trapped inside a cage. what is trapped inside the cage? or does it just mean tht namine is being trapped by the organization...
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    image help: symbols

    can someone help me find a really large (or the largest you can find) symbol of the heartless and the symbol of the nobody. and just the symbols itself.