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    Does KH2FM+ show Mickey's letter?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if Nomura had decided to add in Mickey's letter to Sora, Riku, and Kairi at the end of KH2. He said he thought about it a long time, and i was wondering if maybe thats someting revealed in KH2FM+?
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    Theories after looking at new videos!

    ok, after watching the secret endings, as well as the intro to the knight battle and the cutscene between zexion and xigbar, ihave some theories. Because of the "room of sleep" and the "room of awakening", im pretty sure that they might have to do with the secret videos...the quotes "it all...
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    Any news on Mickey's letter?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if maybe Nomura desided to include what Mickey's letter to Sora and the gang was at the end of Final Mix +, cause he had said he was torn between showing it and not showing it.
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    Zexion's book, whats so important?

    Why did Nomura keep Zexion's weapon a secret...its a book, i dont get how its important. Any ideas on it?
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    OES eyes!

    the tall, orange-eyed soldier doesnt start out with orange eyes. They are blue, and then he transforms them into a kind of yellow ororange color. Does he do this on his own, maye to become stronger, or maybe it is a reaction to the blue heart-shaped moon in the sky, almost like a werewolf at...
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    where did Sora's, Riku's, and Mickey's keyblades go( secret ending question)?

    Ok, at the end of the secret video from KH2, the scene ends after the three knights pick up the keyblades of light, darkness, and in-between (aka Sora's, Mickey's, and Riku's). But in the new secret ending, we dont see these keyblades at all, why is that? P.S. Can keyblades break like that? Or...
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    Idea on the new secret movie character!

    I dont know if this has been said yet, but the new guy from the secret ending movie looks almost exactly like Xehanort as far as clothing is concered, and the hair color is the same just shorter. He is probably either Xehanort from the past, or some form or somehow closely related to Xehanort...
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    Sora's gold keyblade

    If this has been posted before im sorry but i noticed that during the battle between Marluxia and Sora in the KH2 openning sequence, his keyblade looks gold throughout the whole battle? has anyone else noticed this?
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    Extra Secret Ending

    I was wondering, since they have shown pictures of an addition to the sercet ending of KH2, if the entire clip, including the new part exists. Please let me know!
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    saix's comment

    When Xenmas was watching hearts gather at Kingdom Hearts and Saix appeared he asked if it was nearly ready, xenmas said yes, and the saix replied saying he was glad that he could finally end this charade. What does he mean by "charade". is the something else going on that we don't know about?
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    Teen Choice Awards???

    Did KH2 win at the Teen Choice Awards, i watched it and never heard best video game? Does anyone know?
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    Anyone notice this in the secret ending?

    in the secret ending, there seems to be alot of those creatures that the armoured unknown was standing on when the ansem reports are rolling, and it seems that there are no crossroads of keyblades until they pick up the three middle keyblades? what could this mean?
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    KH2 typos

    this is a thread for anyone who notices something wrong in the game. Ive noticed a couple things. 1) in the special edition guide, the names of lightening gem & crystal are switched, and the oricalcum and oricalum+ pictures have been switched. 2) In the cutscene before the sephiroth fight...
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    Secret ending keyblades?

    why is it that in the secret ending the only keyblades with keychains on them ur the three in the middle? any theories? Edit: I think maybe it means something, i think it may either be that they keyblades with keychains are the next to go, or maybe that if it doesnt have a keychain the wielder...
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    Goofy is a thankless jerk!

    Have you noticed that when you heal goofy, he says "Thanks Donald!" even if you heal him. What a jerk, right?
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    HOW long was IT?

    In the games the whole story through all the worlds takes about over a day i guess, but how long is it in "real time". For example, in the land of dragons, how long does it really take to go up the mountaintrail, cause i doubt its 3 minutes, and stuff like that. How long do you think the...
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    Riku's (No Spoilers In Titles)

    I was wondering..they keep saying how riku was the original keyblade wielder but lost imself in darkness so sora got it...well now i think maybe riku was meant to not get a keyblade till KH2, because i was just thinking why would sora go trough the whole dive to the heart thing and use the...
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    Zexion's weapon theory

    I think it may be the soul eater. My reason for this is that he was the youngest apprentice and apperently was relatively close to Ansem and Xehanort. And since this was Xehanort's weapon than maybe it Zexion uses it. It would explain why the weapon would be kept a secret by nomura. Also, i dont...
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    kingdom hearts 3: the light

    in Kingdom Hearts we fought the darkness, in CoM we fought the darkness in memories, and in Kingdom Hearts 2 we fought the twighlight, or the nothingness (honestly, wtf is up with Xenmas, it says he has THE POWER OF NOTHING, yeah, thats great, he has no power, wtf) but i think in KH3 we will...
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    Paradox Ceberus points help!!!

    On the paradox ceberus cup,i can get enough points to complete the mission. You cant use summons, only forms.. and i have jackpot equiped and the wishing lamp which also has a jackpot ability, but i cant get 1300 points!!! i think i need to get into double score mode, but i dont know how...