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    Format File

    I have some trouble here. I downloaded the tralier (E3) but I found out that is .mov format file.... Windows Media Player, Winamp, DivX can't open it, so what do you guys use to watch? Thanks.
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    That sentences.... At the and of ASAS...

    There are lots of words at the end of ASAS, right....? I read them and found these sentences... "His voice.... I can't hear it anymore." Is this points to Riku's voice? and... "You're the source of all Heartless." Is this points to Riku, again?
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    Okay, so from the official site trailer...

    We got some new information, right: -Namine is related to BHK (duh) -Riku is in the gamee! Yeah! (I really worried when watch KH2 trailer with no Riku in it) -Beast and Mulan is playable character -The fusion thingy is right! -There is a gummy ship mini game -the secret movies is really related...
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    What happen to Riku?

    I watch a trailer that shot the ending of KH1 (yea, I like never can beat the game). At the end there was Riku choosing the path to dawn (twilit road to nightfall?). Where is King Mickey going? Light, dark, or dawn? And, what happen to Riku next? Is this continued to KH2?
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    Err... A question... *raises hand*

    Have you guys notice that the blindfold unknown is take off the blindfold at the end of the 'Another Side, Another Story'? Is that proof that Riku (?) is not blind?
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    Hello there

    I'm new here, and I'm a big fan of Riku :D Hi.