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    Anime/Manga ► Manga that's clean (content wise)

    Just got a kindle and i'm looking to fill it with manga. However, I want clean manga. When I say clean i mean No Nudity No "She's naked but no nips showing" No Ecchi (Obviously) I know alot of different animes, but not clean animes, that goes the same for manga on my end. I can...
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    BBS guide release?

    I just got BBS yesterday, and i've looked around and i just can't seem to find a guide anywhere for this game >.> more or less just to explain what some parts of the system do >.> I remember for kh2 Xaldin made a guide for kh2 but, what about for bbs?
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    Proof of non-exsitense u get from beating all the org members and u get another 2 from beating the knight and the mushrooms...what do these things 2 ? like what is the description about them? u no? im just wondering because im looking at these things and im like um... can i use them or...
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    Who's Harder?

    The Knight in kh2fm?? Or Mansex(Xemnas) from kh1fm!? I'm thinking Xemnas! XD But The Knight was really hard though...took forever!!! David
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    In the newest interview...

    He said ok, the peroid of the king's absence is set in the realm of darkness. is it possible that he ran into the knights in that realm? because in the trailer it seemed like he was part of what was going on O_o sooo maybe he met them and went to there world in the realm of darkness. he was...
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    13th mushroom problems. stuck on 3 different ones. XD

    im stuck on Number 3 Number 8 and Number 10 Number 3 is; Pick Up 450 prizes that the mushroom drops. XD NOT EASY! i heard u need draw glide and dodge roll. Number 8 is; Attack the enemy 80 times without letting it touch the ground. also i heard to use Final Form Number 10 is; Find the real...
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    True Requirements?

    OK! I beat the kh2fm a few days ago. And I just now got through the whole cave of rememberence at lvl 66 XD awesome! well....when do i get the secret ending? I beat the game on critical that's what im on. and i didnt get it. im beating it again now to see if i'll get it. what is realllly...
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    XIII mushrooms and the es fight?

    OK! gosh! i beat kh2fm! but didnt beat the ES yet and ...i cant seem to do that Mushrooms....um..any one know how to?????XD because i dont! and how do u get the new area in hollow bastion?
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    Need translations badly.

    Ok, Re;Com looks pretty good :D im glad mine isnt here yet but it would be nice to have translations of the menus just a few so that we dont like change something we shouldnt. u no? Anyone have any translations for the menu's on re;com? and the moogle shop David
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    Where are you getting your copy?

    I was getting mine as Play-asia.com but I found Yesasia.com http://us.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/code-c/version-all/section-games/did-5/pid-1004626917/ And it's only like 9$ for express shipping (2-3 day) when play-asia.com is like 19$ O_O to much for me. ANDD! kh2fm price at play-asia.com is...
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    Kh2fm Se?

    Heard about it. In the most recent interview with Nomura it said; Quote from kh-2.net ok.. now i've checked play-asia.com and it doesnt say anything about a SE of KH2FM. Where Can I find the SE? And would it really be worth it to get the SE? I mean yea the Another Report Book. Which sounds...
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    ORG colliseum?

    I heard about a thing in kh2fm where u could fight the ORG members like in a Colliseum like anytime u want. is this true?!?!?! i hope so i realllly do. that would be awesome! David