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    FM+ and PS3

    Not all ps2 games work on ps3, so you should find a list of ps2games working on ps3 before you purchase it.
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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    I think Axel resembles the E.S as well. Their eyebrows are alike, and so is their face structure. I definately won't exclude this possibillity.
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    I haven't played KH 1 in ages, but was mickey's absence in the game ever explained? Wasn't Donald and Goofy looking for him in that game as well?
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    Favorite Org. Member

    Axel, followed by Demyx and Roxas.
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    Roxas + Riku fight may be playable (Or will it?...Xaldin PWNS)

    Re: Roxas + Riku fight may be playable As many have already expressed, I also think it's a fake. The health bar isn't fully viewable because of bad rendering of the hood.
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    Hardest/most annoying Obligatory boss fight in k2?

    Question has probably been asked before, but here we go again. Which fight did you people struggle most with? I personally had most problems with Xaldin, since he can eliminate you in no time if caught off guards!. It wasn't a totally hard battle, just tougher than the rest of the obligatory...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Let's hope this game reach the stores of Europe soon, in my case atleast :o We always get screwed with the final fantasy games, so would be nice for a chance if we got something in advance.