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    Who would win in a fight?

    In a huge arena with 10 fighters... The 10 fighters being... 1.Riku 6.Axel 2.Sora 7.Ansem 3.Mickey 8.Marluxia 4.Auron 9.Mr.Incredble 5.Cloud 10.BHK (even though we haven't seen him FIGHT yet) I Honestly think Mickey would win(even though I want Sora or Axle to Win!) So, who...
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    Who are the Unknowns?

    What is the Organization? Why are they connected to the Heartless? Unknowns=Nobody, they are the non-existant ones, The Twilight in between Dark and Light. The Org. is important obviously, but no one actually knows who they are or what their intentions are. All I know is that Diz is their...