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    The School of Duel (YGO rp)

    Yes, I feel sort of bad that LoC's didn't go over so well... so here I am making this one (Actually this one was one me and him planned to do on a board once, but it didn't go over so well)! Monotonous, I know. ^_^ Anywho, here it is: Duel Monsters. A game that has spanned the world in...
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    The Gateway... (Martin Mystery Spin-Off)

    Okay, I am a fan of Martin Mystery, and disappointed it got cut short. So to speak. Anywho, this is a role-play based sort of on it. You CAN be a character from the show if you want, but if you are an original, that is just as well! The Gateway to the Underworld. Yeah, we sealed it. At...
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    Chaotical's Revenge (Sonic RP)

    Yep, everyone's favorite little blue blur! Thought I would make an r.p. about him. -- NOTE: COMIC-BASED -- You can be characters off of the shows or games though. Here goes: The Chaos Emeralds. Jewels of healing... or destruction? They have haunted Mobius for what seems like forever... The...
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    Quest for Valyon's Staff -- Omnius

    Yes, this was that thing that ZtM told you about... getting the Staff of his most famous (and, if you knew him and the character better like I did, most feared) character of all time. Valyon Lightstar. Anywho, let's just jump right into it.. The Staff of Omnius. A weapon of untold power and...
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    The 13 Beings of Chaos (ZtM's last RP Idea)

    Yes, so if you do not know, I am Malum. He wanted to share this one last idea with you all, and he left it up to me. So, this is my first EVER role-play on these boards. I hope we can have some fun with it... In case you have not noticed, in ZtM's signature, there is a thing called the 13...