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  1. K

    more one winged angel keyblade

    i need more i one winged angel keyblade cause wat i get has a low CV pls tell me where
  2. K

    why does king mickey does not have his keyblade?

    why when i use mickey he only show a card he did not use his keyblade he shall use his keyblade its so awesome
  3. K

    where did king mickey got his keyblade?

    i was curious where did king mickey got his keyblade pls tell me i really want to know
  4. K

    new keyblades in kh2

    wat do u think will be the new keyblades in kh2 i want to use mickey's keyblade and the one winged angel
  5. K

    where is the one winged eagle

    where is the one winged angel where can i find the one winged angel i really want to use it help me pls
  6. K

    is king mickey playable

    can we use king mickey if we can that would be cool w/ his keyblade the heartless are doom and so are the organization