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    Who Beat Sephiroth

    If so what lvl? I was lvl 61 I used my limit break to woop him..easily.
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    Not excited anymore..

    I dont know im one day away from getting the game, because now my order says shipped, and they said ill have it tomorro, but the thing is, im not excited for it anymore..idk why.. i actually want to be excited for it but im not. dang spoilers
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    Question about LE strat guide.

    I saw differant covers, like valor, and wisdom and final..do they all come with the le strat guide? if this has been brought up before sorry, and like that roxas thing where it shoes his atk power and such, is that in there for sora to.
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    LE Strat guide from Walmart

    im so happy..Im gonna get the LE stratagy guide from walmart..instead of it being 30$ there selling it for 23$ with shipping..so im definatly going to get it, only bad thing is that it comes on the 31..oh well..nice price tho.
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    How many Preorderd?

    Man, So excited for this game, got it preordered, and Ive played and beaten final mix, I cant wait for Kh2 after seeing dd, man This is gonna be good, I wonder how many copies this will sell out.