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    Free Day of defeat: source weekend.

    well, a few days ago valve announced they would be givin everyone a chance to try out thare latest fps, Day of defeat: Source. Day of Defeat: Source is now avalaible for a free trial on Steam. So if you don't have DoD:S, you can try it out from today until 11:59 PM Sunday. if your unfamilliar...
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    happy birthday Kairi_angel

    Well, todays mah younger sisters Bday, and we all need to have some sort of celebration. to everyone, even if you dont know K_A, CELEBRATE OR PHAIL AT LIFE. XD [insert picturs here when they are done.] Im gonna draw some stuffs for this. so itl be up later. everyone else give thanks for teh...
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    Crossfire part one

    this rp takes place after the inuyasha Saga is over, and focuses on a war betwene the humans and deamons,witch spawned because of tension betwene the cross of humans and deamons in modern day times. also the rebellion it sparks. more improtantly, this chapter will focus on the clumsy millitary...
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    Leo needs fangirls. (artwork inside)

    well i need fangirls, and im sure forum insanitys up to the task of helping me! i also will be doing teh art, for no reason. so lets start this off.
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    jack thompson strikes back, leagal threat agianst penny arcade.

    hey guys, sorry if i accidentaly put this in the wrong place, if i do have a Mod move this to the correct forum. anyways, recently jack thompson has been acting up in the media again. and since the recent story hasent been brought up on the forums, id thought id send it around here. (my...
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    Okay,. now im pissed with this post-count buisness.

    alright, what the hell. about 7 months ago, i had left the forums for awhile, then came back, and my postcount went from 3678 to 1578, and i complained, it didnt get fixed, and started working my post count up agian. so ive been posting alot ever since, and now, this, my post count got dropped...
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    yet another stupid move by rockstar, the "bully" game.

    yes. what the F**k is wrong with them, i understand a gta game, whare its just to give people the freedom to do things they want without concequensces, but these things have thare limit. hence the "bully" game. a sim like grand theft auto witch gives you the role of the bully to fight your way...
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    Unreal tournament 2004- "anyone else play it?"

    hey, i was wondering if anyone else likes or has heard of the game. if you do play it, whats your charicter model? if your unfamiliar with the game... its a multiplayer-based game , a first person shooter, whare you fight others (or on a team) to compleate this objective. such as attacking ro...
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    ehh... not agian.-

    i left for a few months, because i had to fix up some problems with my life.. my schoolwork, some stuffs im working on with friends, and other stuffs. well i come back and my post count went back down from like 3600-somthing to 444! i was wondering if i could have some help getting it back and...
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    future of inuyasha rp :high-school memories.

    hey guys, havent been here in awhile, and decided i should drop in for awhile. this is preetymuch for those who remember the forums earlydays... i started the future of inuyasha rp, to show the line of the children of inu,kag,sango,miroku,koga,ayame,and others. well manny sequils ensued, and...
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    killzone 2: realtime or prerenderd?

    the killzone trailer from e3 has been on my mind lately, everyones wondering, is this realtime (like sony said) or is it a prerenderd cutscene?(that would make them liars) sony said that all the ps3 games they showed were realtime gameplay you decide...
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    gameplay footage of kh2 from e3 2005

    well, i havent really posted much in this sections for a year... so i dont know if anyones poste dthis before... gameplay footage of e3. you see auron on soras team this time. http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=6057&type=wmv btw sora seems to kick alot more ass this time around
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    e3 gameplay videos.

    i am going to be putting up gameplay videos from e3 2005 in just a second ill put up the ff7 ps3 footage(not advent children) mgs 4 trailer new kh2 gameplay footage (auron is thare fighting) and of corse.. killzone. plus more... edit this post in a bit.
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    halo: the library mp opening night!

    omgawd! i was in the opening night for library CE.. a multiplayer map for halo 1 (pc only... sorry x-box fanboys.. but you suck!) sorry about the dummed down graphics... my editiing program needs an upgrade... will work on that soon. well abnnywas this map was awaited for awhile.. i got in...
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    half life 2 collecters edition.

    i might be getting it. my mum says that case i preety much black mailed her by cleaning the house and butning like 8 cds for her bf...., that she'll get me a game for doing the stuff... i really want the hl2 collectors edition... but is it worth it?
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    anthro highschool rp

    well. were all anthros, were in highschool, and its an rp. wheats not to like? sorry for the crappy rp ~RULES~ -I DO NOT want one lienrs. -powerplaying shall be allowed to a certain extent seeing as you can't really do anything without it...just don't kill off eachother without permission...
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    shikon no tama 2: the flawless cowboy

    ll this rp is a ontinuation to the last shikon no tama rp. the reason its called flawless cowboy is referred to my charicter shonji. well the shards have been shatterd agian and its being sought after by many demons. shonji, one of the two sons of the great half deamon inuyasha and the...
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    god hates fanboys>read this

    im tierd of this! no more god damned psp vs ds topics. and if yuor gonna make one about the topic, read back to make sure that no one else has made one already. as Scott Ramsoomair (creator of vgcats) points out in the following cartoon (vgcats copyrighted to the all powerful Scott...
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    the spartan project: discovery of halo omega

    a halo rp.this ones more based with story on the spartan race. the very type of people that mastercheif is one of. the have just reiniceated the spartans program. they want to have as many spartans availible as possible. problem is, the brutes and elete covenents are growing stronger. template...
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    plese... visit this.....

    http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=HowsTimm PLEASE VISIT THIS. SEND ANY PRAYERS YOU HAVE. My best friend is in the hosplital. he has been thare for awhile. and hes getting better.... and thare may be something more serious going on with him. two days ago they were checking him to see if he had...