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    Question: Can you Dual-Wield Keyblades Whenever?

    I was wondering, since I was talking to one of my friend's at school about this right before out exam started, he said that you'd be able to dual-wield any two, and I've seen game play that leads me to believe so, but then do you need to be in a Drive Form to play with two keyblades, and if not...
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    Yeah, It's ME

    I'm back everyone, I'm one of the oldies, yeah, that's right. Lmao I was here when we had the first RPG Inferno, and the confusion happened when the place went down. I see that the place is back up and running well, I've also had a laugh about the Newb Adoption Agency. Lol. But I'm really...
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    KH3: Soul of Darkness??

    Ok, it's been a REALLY long time, srry I've been gone all this time, but due to personal reasons I've not been able to come here, for close to a year now. Ok, I've looked around the place, it's gotten pretty interesting, but what is this KH3: Soul of Darkness thing I'm hearing about?
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    Can someone donate me some gil? Read this and you'll see why

    Ok, I was a member here when the old layout was up, ad the thing is well I had a lot of gil but the RPG went bad or so I was told and then the site was down and then some people told me that this site was done, and so yeah well I thought that it was so then I left here, and then I talked to a...