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    Arctic Dispute

    Click Canadian Imperialism. :D Anyway, the North Pole has recently been cropping up quite a bit in the media, what with several nations claiming rights to it and Russia dropping its land-breaking flag and whatnot. Some people are saying this could only escalate the deterioration of the fragile...
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    Hmm. I debated whether or not to put this in the 'Sports' section, but ultimately I think it should go here. So, anyone else a Drum Corps International fan? I must say that my favorite corps at the moment (they tend to change depending on the show ^_~) would be the Bluecoats, who have never...
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    Scottish Separatism

    Please read. I know there are some members on these forums that are from the UK, and I wondered their opinion on the matter. Not that this is limited to UK responses, mind you. ^_^;;
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    For Outstanding Achievement in Achievement...Mr. Shamdeo.

    Roses are red Violets are blue (not really) No one comes up with worse nicknames then that guy Shamdeo. (yeah really) As he said, an obligatory measure. <3<3<3 Members -Thespis -Raito -Ulti -Dogen
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    Strangers With Candy

    Has anyone even heard of this show? I used to watch it a lot a when Commedy Central would still air reruns and recently watched a Strangers With Candy marathon on some obscure cable channel. I know only a few of my friends at school have even heard about it, but we all generally agree that it is...
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    Happy Birthday Rai!

    Had to be the first to wish Raito a Happy 18th. ^_^ PS: Mine's better than sh's. XP
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    KHI Battle Royale: Version 1.5

    Alright! With permission from Shady, I have ressurected Battle Royale: KHI Survival Edition from dark and dusty RP graveyard. The rules have been tweaked a bit, and some editing has been done in an attempt to make the RP run smoother and become more organized. I'm just going to jump right in it...