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    Bye....Again (Lord_Canti)

    Yup....I'm vacationing from rping...again. Hopefully I stay gone for more than just a week like last time. ^^;; The only reason I'm leaving is that rping has just lost its.....Something. Just not as fun as it used to be. I'll come back as soon as I get inspired again, not a moment later! =D...
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    /*~The Marluxia Fanclub~*\

    I thought I'd start one up, see how many people will join.^^ Well you know what to do here peoples! Everything here is Marluxia! We speak about him, listen about him, breath him and even eat him! You heard me, eat him! Now come on down today, and join the Marluxia fanclub! ...You know you...
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    ZOMG KHI/My Computer Hates me!(This is L_C)

    To all of you that know me this is the lovable fun nazi Lord_Canti...And I am under going a...problem...or something. My computer, or KHI (not sure who the culprit is yet) is screwing with my account (along with this one) so I had to make this one(the other was tottaly f**cked...pardon my...